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How to set junk Mail setting in sbcglobal?

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The SBC mail users can set up to avoid junk email message. The setting of SBCGlobal email is easy. If you want to setup junk mail setting then follow some steps given here. To avoid Spam email and keep your emailing service safer you may try the simple setting for SBCGlobal.

Change the setting of SBCGlobal email: 

·         Report on the individual message:

1.    Login to your SBCGlobal email account through Yahoo page.

2.    After sign in your account click to “Inbox and the tap to the folder of Spam email. Select it and open.

3.    Click to spam drop-down menu and again click to “Report Spam email” “Report a hacked account” or “Report a Phishing Scam” These setting will keep junk email away from your inbox.

·         Create Spam settings:

1.    To create the SBCGlobal login to SBCGlobal account and tap to the gear icon. Now select the “Mail option” from title list of the drop-down.

2.    Under mail option title and click to “General” and then again tap menu given under Spam protection section to create the setting.

3.    To save this setting tap to “save” button and finish.

·         Blocking Mail address:

1.    Tap the gear icon on the mail account page. Select “Mail option from the drop-down

2.    Select the option of “Blocked Address” under advanced options heading.

3.    Here you will be asked to type the mail address which you want to block.

4.    After entering email address click to “Add” button.

5.    This option will automatically delete future emails sent to that mail address.

After the junk mail setting, if you still get junk emails then you need to take help of experts. Tech support team of SBC mail is always ready to help their users. If you have report email spam but it doesn’t work. In this case, you need to reach tech support team via contact sbcglobal customer service  1-844-762-3952. Through this number professionals of SBC tech support provide their service 24/7. Ask whatever you want to tech support experts related to SBC email.


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