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Are you a crafting pro?

Find out when you take the quiz below! Good Luck!

 *Format to answer question in

      Example : a,b,c,d,a,b,c,d,a,b   

There should be no spaces between your answers and the letters shouldnt be capitalized. 

* True = a , False = b

1. You can touch the nozzle of a hot glue gun when its hot.True/False
2. You can create things at any age (when youre old enough of course.)True/False
3. Crocheting and knitting are the same thing but people address the differently in different countries.True/False
4. Crafting is the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand.True/False
5. Crafts cant help you out in the real world. True/False
6. A small amount of super glue is strong enough to lift a 2-ton jeep off the ground.True/False
7.  DIY projects arent considered crafts. True/False
8. Crafts could save money in the long run. True/False
9. Painting isnt a craft. True/False
10. Crafting is never time consuming.True/False

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Made by Brianna Sipp and Grace Kazak :) 

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