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Four Best Tips For Students To Get the Most Out of Linux 

Linux is a widely used operating system, well known for being an open source software. It is very similar to other operating systems such as Windows or iOS except for the fact that it is incredibly customizable. Big companies choose Linux for their servers because it offers security and excellent support from a wide range of user communities, in addition to this the organization such as Canonical, SUSE, and Red Hat offer commercial support to it. Due to its flexibility and reliability, the software is widely accepted worldwide. Students want to master as many OS as they can and always seek tips to get familiar with the software. So, we have brought five excellent ways that can help you in learning special features that Linux offers. Read further:-
1.) Installing Linux Bash on Windows 10

Bash on Windows is no more a dream as it is now available for Windows also. This news hit the Twitter for days just after the Microsofts CEO announced it. You can easily install it on platform like Windows 10(anniversary version)by following the below mentioned steps:-
  1. Press Windows Key + I to access Windows system settings. From here, go to Update & Security.
  2. Choose For developers. Further, youll see an option of Developer mode. Do Enable it.
  3. Go to Control Panel and then, click on Programs.
  4. In Programs, click Turn Windows Features On or Off.
  5. After this, several Windows features will appear on your screen. Look for Windows Subsystem for Linux and enable it.
  6. Restart your PC and enjoy Bash in Windows.

2.) Finding and Locating Files

Many beginners find it difficult to use the find command under Linux. Find command can perform searches through one or more directory of a file system, locating files based on certain user-specified criteria. In Linux, the syntax of this command is:

  • find {search-path} {file-names-to-search} {action-to-take}
  • Users are required to understand the above-mentioned syntax.
  • search-path: Here you are defining the search path (default current directory). For example, search in /home directory.
  • file-names-to-search: Here you must write the name of the file you are looking for. For example, all c files (*.c)
  • action-to-take: By defining the action, you can print file name, delete files, etc.

3.) Encrypting/Decrypting File in gpg

No matter what work you are doing on your PC, its better that you put a security feature on it and protect it using a strong password, and in some cases encrypting files. Linux also offers the users to encrypt/decrypt their files in gpg format. It must be noted that gpg is in-built to every Linux system, you need not install anything to get it working on the command line. Follow the steps to do so:-

Say the name of the file to be, ~/Documents/important.docx, that you wish to password protect.

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Change to the ~/Documents directory with the command cd ~/Documents.
  3. Encrypt the file with the command gpg -c important.docx.
  4. Enter a unique password for the file.

 To decrypt that file, do the following.

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Change to the ~/Documents directory with the command cd ~/Documents.
  3. Decrypt the file with the command gpg important.dox.gpg.
  4. Enter the password you created at the time of encrypting the file.

4.) Accessing Google Drive in Linux

If Google is an ecosystem, then Google Drive is an essential element of it. Despite having a huge fan following of Linux, there is no legal way to access Google Drive on Linux. Luckily, there are Linux developers who have taken it upon themselves to create programs that permit users to quickly access Google Drive on Linux. Some examples of such tools are Insync, overdrive, R clone, GNOME, and Drive. Install any of these and upload/download files from there.

Hope you enjoyed reading the content. This is a brief account of some of the important ways to get the most out of Linux.  

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