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The Versatility of Stacking Rings with Names
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The Versatility of Stacking Rings with Names

When it comes to gifting, nothing is better than a personalized gift that shows how much you care. Personalization adds value to a gift because it allows the wearer to carry a unique, custom designed piece of jewelry with them wherever they go. Whether it be a name, a phrase, a date, coordinates, or whatever you choose, personalized jewelry will be a constant reminder of the special loved ones in the wearers life. If youre thinking about gifting personalized jewelry to a loved one in your life, consider looking into personalized rings; this type of gift is not only easy to wear, but it is versatile and can easily be matched with any outfit.

At Lovable Keepsake Gifts, we offer quality made products available for all the loved ones in your life. One of our most popular products is our collection of personalized rings. For years, rings have been statement pieces for both men and women alike, showing off status, wealth, commitment, and association. Unbeknownst to most, in some cultures, rings worn on different fingers signal different meanings, but, generally, these meanings are the same for both women and men. However, in todays culture, rings are more commonly seen on and associated with women rather than men. This association robs men of stylish, statement pieces that can add to their look.

In all cultures, circles carry the meaning of eternity; something that is endless, infinite, boundless. We can see this with the tradition of wedding rings, as rings can be used to symbolize unity and life. When wearing stacking rings with names, you can get an entire family wrapped around one finger for a stylish look that has meaning. If you are a soon-to-be father, you might be interested in getting a ring for your wife. In this case, you might be interested in our Mommy of an Angel ring set. With this ring set, you get three sterling silver rings: one 2mm hammered ring, one 6mm ring with the words Mommy of an Angel engraved on the outside, and a third 4mm ring with your expected newborns name on it.

With our personalized rings, we offer versatile options so that you can be sure whoever is receiving the gift will love it. If youre shopping for your mother, our stacking rings with names are a great option. With these rings, you have the option of choosing sterling silver pairs or adding some versatility with sterling silver and gold pairs. You can custom order each ring so that they feature each name in the family so no one gets left out of this amazing, heartfelt gift. Same thing goes if you are shopping for your father. However, whereas your mother might want to wear her rings on her pointer finger with unblackened text, your father might want to wear them on his pinky finger with blackened text.

Regardless of the circumstances and the people receiving these gifts, stacking rings with names not only adds personal value to the rings, but they communicate a heartfelt message to the wearer that will never lose its meaning. At Lovable Keepsake Gifts, we aim to create thoughtful, carefully crafted, timeless jewelry that will look good with anyone. So head on over to our website, today, and browse our options.

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