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Benefits of a 4 Leg Chain Sling

One of the most important skills a professional in the heavy lift industry can attain is an understanding of the different rigging types and formats. One such rigging type, the 4 leg chain sling, also frequently referred to as a quad-leg or 4-leg-bridle sling, is particularly good for balancing and distributing weight across the legs of the sling. With so many rigging types available to professionals, what makes the 4 leg chain setup valuable? This blog will explore that question, leaving you feeling more informed and ready to take on the challenges of your exciting career!

1. Improved Working Load Limit
The primary benefit of a 4 leg chain sling is that it greatly increases the working load limit of the rigging over double and single-leg setups. This benefit is particularly noticeable at higher chain thickness measurements, which can sometimes more than double the total working load limit. This type of rigging is especially useful on large, rectangular or square loads which would otherwise demand a significant increase in chain size (and therefore chain cost) in order to lift with other sling setups.

A 4 leg setup can often lift loads greater than single chain setups with chains that are two or three standard measurement sizes larger. You can see how this might be very cost effective given a skilled rigging.

The amount of increase to working load limit is dependent on the angles the chain makes with the object to be lifted, so not all items will allow for double the working load limits of single leg slings. However, even in more acute angle setups, which generally offer less working load limit improvement, the improvement is often close to 50% increased working load limit.

2. Better at Working With Irregular Loads
For a word of caution, with any irregularly-shaped load, professionals must pay careful attention to load balancing between the legs of the sling. Even with an irregularly-shaped load, all chains must be measured carefully so as not to be slack or bearing more of the load than other legs.

With that warning in mind, working with four legs and adjustable chains allows for much more flexibility in lifting loads that may not be perfectly shaped for ideal lifting with a single-leg sling. Adjusting chains will allow for manually balancing the load in a safer manner, which can help prevent shifting of the load.

3. Chains Are Affordable
In addition to the passive cost savings of not having to purchase thicker and more expensive rigging materials, a 4 leg chain sling also compares favorably to other lifting materials in regard to the strength offered. Chains have been traditionally popular for heavy lift applications because they are easy to adjust and very affordable given their comparative strength. High-grade chains are readily available and can be quickly shipped to a worksite with little hassle in the process of purchase.

Chains are easy to maintain and replace and can be inspected for faults quickly. Each of these characteristics makes them cheaper in the long run than most other lift types, provided the application is correct; of course, chains should not be used in conditions where they will experience severe corrosion or may become pinched between surfaces.

If youre looking to purchase a 4 leg chain sling, come visit today. Our American-made products are sourced from the best brands in the world, and our professional staff can help you navigate all the options and find the fit that is best for your needs. Dont waste any more time and money buying sub-par products online. Come see us today!

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