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Hey! Welcome to my page! I dont really specialize in a specific category of crafted (ex: rubber band looms) but I love to look at things out in a store, public, Pinterest and be able to make it myself. You know that satisfying feeling you get knowing that you did something. I get that all time in each category of crafting that I try. Some of these are also life hacks, so I just really hope that you get inspired. Keep reading to see how some of these were made! <3

Life Hack: The second row and second down you see a notepad labeled "Grocery List." You may not be able to tell, but this is on my fridge. Guys it is the simplest thing to make. All you have to do is take some magnet strips (I believe I used 2) and glue or stick them on the back. I actually think that the magnets I used had a sticker back, like I said, this is so easy to make! Just slap it on your fridge and you are set!

Life Hack: The second row, third from the bottom there is a picture that has the words "tops and tees." This may seem silly, but its a total room decor tip and all you do is get some dry erase duck tape (Brianna actually gave me mine on one of my birthdays) and you can doodle and write whatever you want! I totally recommend this, and its so simple, how could you go wrong?

Life Hack: You know those Trophies that look like a cup but you can not use as a cup. Yes, admit it, youve tried, I see you! I re-purposed one of mine to a paintbrush holder and now I can feel like a winner even when I mess up when painting, lol. All you have to do in put your paintbrushes in the opening and you are done.

Life Hack: Forth from the bottom has got to be one of my favorite things! We all know that you can wrap up your ear buds all nice and neat, stick them in your purse o bag, pull them out 2 SECONDS LATER, and they will be tangled. Its nonsense, I know, but this can solve our problem! It is an Apple card, but obviously any gift card will work. You take a card or paper of some sort and trace out the gift card. This is really to practice with. Make two trapezoids at the long ends and then place it against the the actual gift card. You can choose between using an X-acto knife or scissors, but both are said to work and then cut out the trapezoids. After that you are going to take a  hole puncher and punch two holes on one end (short sides now) and one whole on the other. After you have punched your holes, take your cutting utensil and make a slice from the hole to the end of the gift card. You put the ear pieces in the two-holed end, wrap the chord around the middle, and then slide the plug into the last hole! Voila! No more tangles! I am so in love with this and 10 out of 10, would recommend making this! 

DIY: The 4th row down is something supper easy and so cute. I just took some origami paper due to the cute designs, but its clear that any paper would work. If I were to make some more of these, I think I would just go to a local craft store and get some card stock. Write whatever quotes you want on the paper and hang them up or put them in your journals. Everything is up to you! 

DIY:  Forth up in the middle is something that I made for my locker in middle school but now just have by some flowers in my room and that is a picture frame. I picked out some black colored paper and cut it to the size of the frame. I then took some glitter and glue and just poured until I thought it looked pretty enough. Once it dried I put it into the frame and then wrote with a dry-erase marker on the frame. That is all you have to do and of coarse you can decorate it in whatever way you want. I wrote "you are going to have a FANTASTIC day" and then added little things to make it a bit more cute. I think I might change out the colored paper and glitter just to make my writing stand out a bit more because at the moment, you can see its a bit difficult to read.

DIY: The "Feel-Good Box" was an idea from a mommy and me book. You are supposed to wrap it with wrapping paper, but I thought I could make mine a bit more unique and us felt. I hot glued my felt down and then cleaned up the edges. I also had some glitter fabric/paper thing so I cute out a square from that to glue down and then just took a sharpie to write down and draw. Yall, I love my mom so much and now I have a special box with her that we can add whatever we want to. <3

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! You can email me at birthdaytwins02@gmail or DM me on Instagram @crafterandlaughter, just make sure you specify that you are asking about a craft by me (Grace.) As always, I hope you have fun!!

Made by Brianna Sipp and Grace Kazak :) 


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