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Benefits of choosing Epson Printer Customer Service

Irrespective of the type of printers one uses, he may face certain issues when it comes to having a seamless printing experience. If you are using a laser printer then the chances of it malfunctioning are more than the inkjet. Epson laser printers are no exception as these printers are also prone to developing common issues. You can contact the Epson printer customer service for sorting out such problems. You can also try solving the issue on your own. However, the customers can only fix these issues when these are not highly technical. Here are some of the problems that can occur with the Epson printer

1) Poor Printing Quality

If you have been using Epson inkjet printer then this might be a common issue. Normally, the printing quality is compromised in the form of lines across the print. This issue occurs as the clogged nozzles do not dispense the ink evenly. The new Epson inkjet printer models have the print head attached to the cartridge to avoid this problem. You can take the help of the Epson printer customer service to add a new print head.

You can try cleaning the print head for resolving this issue. Use a cotton swab and alcohol for removing the dirt from the surface of the print head. Alcohol helps to dissolve the ink clogging the printer head. After that, use a towel to clean it further. If you need any help with the cleaning process, you can seek the help of the support team. The support team can be reached using the Epson Printer support number.

2) Checking the print head ribbon

The poor quality print can also be a result of print ribbon working partially. This issue is more prevalent in old printers. You need to make sure that the ribbon head is securely attached to the print head. For checking the position of the print head ribbon you can contact the support team telephonically using the Epson Printer support number.

Printer issues are common and need the help of the experts. Therefore it is necessary to seek the professional Epson printer customer service help.

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