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The Benefits of the RIDGID ProPress

One of the most important power tools to have on any work site is a set of pressing jaws, and one of the best available in the industry is the RIDGID ProPress. RIDGID is a company with a long history of creating quality tools that get the job done right, and one of the best ways you can improve your abilities in your career is by learning to understand the tools you use. With that in mind, this article is designed to give a profile of the RIDGID ProPress and the benefits it can bring to your job site. We will explore the history of RIDGID, the history of the tools, and the specific benefits of the ProPress power pressing jaws.

RIDGID, also known as the Ridge Tool Company, is quickly approaching its 100th birthday as a company. Having been established in 1923, the company has been manufacturing quality tools throughout the last century. In 1966, it underwent a purchase by Emerson Electric, a multinational electric industry manufacturing corporation which is now over 127 years old. Together with Emersons legacy, RIDGID was able to improve its reach and its tools and now offers some of the most recognizable tools on the market.

The Ridge Tool Companys iconic appearance is best summed up by their brightly-colored pipe wrenches, the likes of which has inspired the pop-culture appearance of the pipe wrench for decades. Their tools, however, are not just popular here in the States, as they have now expanded their business overseas. In addition, theyve made major strides in embracing the rise of the internet, offering a suite of online tools that help professionals generate documents for maintenance recording, project management, and more.

The RIDGID ProPress is one of the most solid sets of power pressing jaws on the market, and the ProPress product line contains a number of models, each with unique offerings. One of the best-reviewed models is the RIDGID RP 241, which is a hand-held, battery operated press tool with a compact layout. The RP 241 allows for easy use in tight spaces by being structured in a barbell style, with the grip placed in the middle of the battery and the jaws.

The RIDGID RP 210 and 340 are laid out in a gun format with a grip and trigger allowing for larger jaw sets and a stronger grip. These models come in both cordless and corded versions, and, despite being larger in size than the RP 241, the 210 and 340 are considerably smaller than previous models.

Both versions of the ProPress pressing jaws can work with stainless steel tubing, copper, steel, PEX, and cutting soil pipe (according to RIDGID product manuals.) The ProPress line has the highest rated lifecycles, lasting just over 40k cycles of the tool.

These benefits make the RIDGID ProPress one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools on the market. If youd like to equip your team with a ProPress power tool, we can help make that a reality. Come visit us at, where youll find not only the ProPress product line but also a huge inventory of American-made, top-quality products available to you and your team!

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