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Are you having trouble picking out the right yoga mat? There are a lot of options available and selecting the best yoga mat can be a rather frustrating task.

Yoga not only helps quiet the mind but is also a great way to remain healthy and fit. Similar to other exercises, there are accessories used during yoga. Perhaps the most significant tool for practicing yoga is the Yoga Mat.

So here are some of the tips to buy the best yoga mat!


Some premium mats are made of biodegradable, natural rubber or polymers that are eco friendly, however the odor of these mats can be offensive. PVC mats are generally more affordable, and they give good grip and stability. If you want to buy a PVC mat make sure it is latex and phthalate free.


Yoga mats range in length from 60" to 75" The bigger mats are generally more comfortable as compared to shorter mats however they can be heavy and bulky. The standard yoga mat size is 24x72 which should work perfectly for most yogis.


There are varying widths available in yoga mats. If you practice yin or restorative yoga you should definitely consider a thicker 1/4 inch mat. Also people who have sensitive knees and wrists may prefer the thicker mats on the market. If you prefer a light weight mat or travel a lot you may prefer to purchase a 1/8 inch travel mat or a yoga mat towel instead


The last thing you want to worry about during your asanas is slipping and sliding on your new mat. Some yoga mats fail to provide a strong grip when they are wet. Dont be too hard on yourself if you do slip , use a fun printed yoga towel on top of your mat. Avoid mats that are too sticky they may prevent easy transitions while changing poses.

In conclusion. Take time when selecting your mat. Yoga is an individual journey. With such a large variety of options for yoga mats choose one that works for you. Some of there expensive mats may be Worth the Investment. Some have better grip, and may last longer, Others may have prints and designs that will help you focus and add joy to your daily practice.

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