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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Boat Battery Cables

Whether you are looking to replace old cables or are simply hoping to have an extra pair on hand, there are a number of factors that could affect your choice in boat battery cables. With any marine project, its understandable and even advisable to be extra choosy with the products you use. An electrical problem out on the water is much harder to deal with than one on land. This article will explore 4 things to keep in mind when you go to buy boat battery cables for your boat.

1.Keep Them Certified
Any time you are buying cables for marine use, make sure that you get cables certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Certified cables are especially important for battery cables, which deliver the current from your battery to the rest of your electrical system. Certifications are usually very easy to find, generally listed on the product packaging or in the documentation paperwork. Certified cables follow scientifically-researched guidelines put forward by one of the most accomplished and storied trade organizations in the world.

2.Know the Dimensions
Boat battery cables, because of the extra-tough insulation they are made with, are much less flexible than the cables you might use on land. As a result, its doubly important to measure the dimensions of your battery compartment and the distance to your engine carefully. Flexing cables more than they are intended to flex can result in severely damaged cables, so make sure that you get the right length of cables for your space. As you can see, getting cables that are too long or too short can cause problems in this instance.

3.Always Buy Tinned Cables
Quality marine cables will always be made out of tinned copper. Tinned copper wires are made up of fine, interwoven strands of copper that have been lined with tin. Tin is much more resistant to corrosion and oxidation than copper is but is also less conductive. By using only a very thin layer of tin, the wires maintain their resistance to corrosion without damaging their conductivity.

Non-tinned copper cables should not be used at all in a marine setting, especially if its a saltwater environment. Tinned copper cables are the standard for marine use, and using non-tinned copper cables can result in expensive delays, unnecessary repairs, or ruined leisure time.

4.Buy From a Trustworthy Site
Not every website is going to be the right fit for your battery cable supply needs. When choosing a site, make sure to take the time to get to know a bit about the company. Establishing a long-term business relationship with an online supplier can have as much benefit as business relationships with brick-and-mortar corporations, so its important to take the time to see if they are the right fit.

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