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Integrating Your Online Store Using Neto Ecommerce

We live in the Ecommerce age today and any business which doesnít have an online presence is losing out on a lot of clientele. However, people who donít have much experience of the digital marketplace often struggle in running their web stores and find managing it a bit tedious. With Neto Ecommerce, you would have a lot of help and will have no problem in integrating the various aspects of your online business.   

Neto is a complete Ecommerce software which has been optimized for web shop in Australia and New Zealand. It offers help every step of the way from building a web store to running and customizing it as per your needs. By providing you access to the storeís JS, CSS and HTML code, Neto allows you to have complete control over the outlook of the shopping cart as well as your website.

With Neto, you can sell anything. It does not apply restrictions on the type or number of products that can be sold using it. You have the opportunity to organize your catalogue as you see fit making it easier for you to showcase your products. Neto also provides efficient inventory management to you as well, enabling you to keep track of stock availability in multiple warehouses.

Neto Ecommerce provides high-level security for your web storeís payment and checkout pages as well. With it, you can offer your customers a one-page checkout which results in less cart abandonments. Moreover, you can offer product recommendations based on the cart contents of the customers and thus increase the average order value.

Neto integrates order management and shippingand lets you manage bothof them from a central control panel. You can keep track of the order placements, shipments and the state of your inventory from a single location. It thus, streamlines the entire product supply chain from the placement of the order right up to its shipment.   

With Neto, you can stay on top of your online business at all times and track its progress in real-time via a dynamic and customisable dashboard.  


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