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How can I increase my productivity while using Microsoft Outlook?

 Ever since hotmail got rebranded as outlook, the functionalities of the email applications have drastically   increased. Now hosting a gamut of features; it is only natural that professionals are always looking for   ways to enhance their experience while using this program. These features, when combined with the   enhanced utilities have made the software a prime choice for many official endeavors. But here is the   thing; there are always ways to increase your already elevated productivity. There are indeed some   extremely trivial but effective ways to increase your productivity using this application. Better yet, they   are also easy to implement.

 Outlook Support Australia presents you with four of the niftiest tricks that would enhance   your experience

 In the early office days, Outlook was considered a niche for some reason. I mean, look at the facts;   some of its more influential features could be used with a lot more ease using the standard webmail   applications. But since the update happened, everything changed. Now a de facto email client for offices   around the globe, our technical experts have experimented with and accumulated some of the most   rewarding tips for an exponential increase in productivity. 4 of these tricks are listed below:

1.     Keyboard shortcuts: While mouse is the most ergonomic peripheral ever created for mankind, your     work life would enhance a lot more if you did not have to compromise with the two-hands interface with   the keyboard. Therefore, Outlook sports some of the most robust keyboard shortcuts ever put on   desktop. The most useful among them are as follows:

a. Alt +R: go to the work week calendar view

b. Alt +S: A shortcut to send out emails

c.  Ctrl +G: This option enables the jump to any date in the calendar.

d.  Ctrl +M: to send and receive all mail.

There are indeed a lot more shortcuts to play around with, search for them online if you have the time. You would be surprised how much faster you would be able to perform.

2.     The Quick Steps: Outlooks Quick Steps are your ways to perform multistep action in a fast yet optimal   fashion. Introduces back in 2010, it can assist you in performing multi-step actions like moving your   emails, making the emails and forwarding the emails. The more amazing thing is that quicksteps are   customizable. You heard right, you can indeed fashion your own to suit your needs.   

3.     Only receive alerts for the important stuff: nothing compares to the obtuse experience of reading     Youve got mail over and over again. Therefore, wont it be downright awesome to have the option for   selective alerts?  You can use this feature by first turning of all the alerts and then creating your own   customized rule to make sure that the alert bell adheres to the specific senders, not all of them.

4.   Template responses: there are some utterly predictable responses that make you sound like that   monotonous 60s show on repeat. To that end, what you need is a way to create template messages that   could be sent out without the hassle of typing them. To use this feature, type in your favorite message   and save it the same way you might save a Microsoft document (File -> Save As -> -> Outlook   template). You can use this template for sending out that happy birthday message to your friends and a   firm NO to those pesky insurance salesmen as well.  

 There are a lot more tricks to impart. To access those, you can contact Outlook tech support UK using   the toll free number (0800-046-5200). Here, not only would you have access to more tips to increase   your experience, but you can also avail yourself to exclusive utilities as well as troubleshoots for the   email client. In the end, Outlook is an extremely versatile webmail application and therefore worthy of   respect. 

 SOURCE URL:  http://bit.ly/2i3Rd2F

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