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Impress her with a Rose, they Say


Through the years, trends change, choice change, the colours in style change, it is keeping up with those trends that is most important. For example the colour rose gold made famous due to the Apple technology company, which followed by fashion accessories, especially watches in rose gold, but it is lesser known for the natural form that it comes in the semi-precious metal form. They are now being used not only for all kinds of jewellery, but for special occasion jewellery such as wedding and engagement rings.

Rose gold wedding rings make an outstanding statement. Rose gold is in vogue and its popularity is still rising. With the stunning gold-pink colour that is a brilliant result of the mixture of gold metal with copper, it looks fantastic in combinations with the brilliant sparkles of various gemstones. Hence, instead of going with the traditional gold wedding rings this is basically synonymous with yellow gold engagement rings people are going with rose gold and the lesser famous white gold rings.

At GLAMIRA not only will one find these fancy metals in the form of rings, but one can spot some delicate looking rose gold earrings and white gold earrings. Looking for something unique? At GLAMIRA one would even find the basic platinum rings for your weddings for Precious and semi-precious jewellery of every metal and gemstone possible. Whether youre looking for that perfect engagement ring that says Forever or the just the right earrings to go with the pretty dress you have lying away, one can  find exactly what theyre looking for, and more. The options provided include

Whether someone is looking for a head-turning and catchy engagement ring or a stunning necklace, one will find it.  There are also options for less or semi-formal occasions such as: -

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Bangles

It is also available in various metals such as gold, silver or platinum; which also can be personalized by adding a special personal message, to make it more special.  And if there is anything else that someone is seeking theres an option for customization, for creating the right personalized product that might be more personal to a person than just a jewellery object. In this way you can find the ideal present for those special occasions of life, like marriage proposals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Mothers Day and Valentines Day.


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