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Lizzies floors and walls

Kitty helicopter!
Artist area
Catman brothers bank
Stairs n stuff
Cute Cat Pet Store

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Hi and welcome to Kittentropolis! Im My Little Litten, and I hope you love it here! Here are the rules: 1) No inappropriate messages! I may not see you messages, but NEVER be mean to someone when messaging. 2) no cussing, swearing, etc. 3) Always inclue users when roleplaying in chat rooms. Nobody should be alone unless they really want to be. 4) report mean users to me via messaging unless you think you can handle the problem. IF YOURE REPORTED TO ME YOULL GET ONE WARNING. DO IT AGAIN AND I WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. IF YOU MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT AND BULLY ON THAT I WILL BAN YOU. Type KITTENTROPOLIS for the answer to get the starter gift!

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Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow! I do not own any images and videos used, and they go to their respected owners.

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