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1.who is the admin? Her name is emilie, and her username is Admin. 2. Why do you need an assistant? To answer help forums and to assist any problems and to assist in giveaways. 3. who is the assistant ? Her name is Kate and her username is @camprockXOXO 4. What is the site about? This site is about people sharing their feelings and staying strong for each other as cliche as it is. 5. function of the bank? You can keep your money in the bank and when you withdraw it, you can earn money based on the interest rate. 6. someone is harassing me. what should i do? reach for help in the help forum and prefably with evidence. 7. Function of stores. purchase clothes and food. more shops will be added soon. 8. What are quests? Quests are like quizzes. answer correctly and you can earn extra cash. you can only answer each quest once. 9. How can i earn cash? answering quests, playing games , interest when you withdraw money and when you get your pay. 10.How do i send a private message? By clicking the small message icon, send a private message to any member. 11.Can i be an assistant? The ratio is 1 assistant for 80 users. If we have more than 80 users, we will select another assistant 12. If we have more than 200 users, we will select a staff. a staff can control the admin panel and add new pages and manage users etc. 13. giveaways? yes there will be giveaways for free cash, level upgrade, and even real stuff. Got more questions? feel free to ask us in the help forum

Why be homophobic , racist, sexist and transphobic when you can just be quiet? Socially grunge 2017


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