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What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Boxes
How You Can Give An Elegant Look To Your Custom Gift Boxes To Attract Customers

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Its all about different colors, shapes, and designs that make our life more interesting. The Same formula applies in the packaging world that customers found different designs and colors which attractive more. A box can tell about many things that a product itself cannot tell always. It is a fact in human psychology that more they know about a product, more they likely to buy it again. Print product details on the carton allow its consumers to know more about it and it leads to building customer loyalties towards a brand. Producers and manufacturers always try to find new techniques to get the attention of the target audience. For this purpose, packaging design can also play a vital role. A nice design box not only catches the attention of the customers, but it became the face of the product. 

Custom printed boxes are a bit expensive because they are complicated to make. When we choose a multi-colored carton in a unique shape our customers will certainly notice the difference.  But still, if we cant decide whether a custom box with high-end digital printing is better than a regular plain brown cardboard box. There are a few points we should keep in mind about printed boxes to help in making up our mind.


Why choose custom box

         It makes easy for the customers to visually differentiate our product from the rest of the products available in the market. Boxes with logos are a very simple technique to attract customers. 

         We can easily and efficiently print all the technical information on the outside of the box. This makes it much easier for the buyers to know what exactly they are purchasing.

         Supplemental information can also be printed on the cartons. It makes our customers comfortable when they know what to expect from our product.

         Custom made cartons are easier for retailers to stock shelves in a consistent manner.


Printing techniques

In custom printing techniques we have several printing technique options. It all depends on our needs and budget to choose the right option for us.

         Digital printing is a cost-effective printing option. In this technique, full color prints directly applied on corrugated boxes.

         Flexographic printing its a more basic type of technique. It applies 1to 3 colors on these boxes. This technique is ideal for simple graphics, images, and logos.

         Litho laminating is the most high-quality customer print option. Through this technique high quality, high resolution, and photorealistic graphics can apply directly on the paper, then this paper is mounted to the box.

Consider cost and time frame

If we add one color printing on our corrugated box it increases the cost by 10% and it will keep increasing with each additional color added. This fact should be kept in mind in cost related issues. As far as time frame goes custom box packaging can be completed in less than five business days. Extremely complicated orders take much longer time to complete. But the most time-consuming task is deciding the logo and artwork on the box the rest is a simple process to work.

Cost and Time

There are five major points that on should keep in mind before ordering custom print boxes

1.      What kind of box do we need: the boxes are designed to carry something, but its functionality varies according to the specific use of the box? So we must be clear about the requirements related to the cartons. When all the boxes related points clearly in mind only then we are able to have the perfect end product in our hands.


2.    Quantity of the boxes needed: quantity and volume of the cartons are going to determine how the boxes will be printed there are three main methods for printing boxes based on the quantity of the order

1.      Post printed: means hand-fed through the press

2.      Inline production: means mass printed in high volume of the boxes

3.      Small quantities: can be printed using a pre-printed process.

In the pre-printed method, the per-bag price of printing is higher, but inline printing procedure requires a minimum order of 3,000 to 5,000 bags but it cost less expensive.

Custom Boxes 

3.   How many ink colors is needed? Although the quantity of the custom made boxes determine the printing method. Ink requirements also are a factor that decides the printing method. 1- to 2 colored inks can be used under an order of 3000-5000 boxes in the pre-printed method but the orders that are over 10,000 and more 3-4 ink colors can also be used. So we must keep in mind our required box quantity before choosing any graphic design or color combination.


4.   Weight of the product: the carton we choose are needed to be strong enough to accommodate the product that goes inside it. It should be puncture resistant to make the security of the items essential.  So always make sure to select the right weight range of boxes for product packaging.

5.    Always schedule ahead: Corrugated cartons cannot be printed using a laser printer. They are flexo-graphically printed. Which means a rubber plate is created with our chosen design and then that design is stamped on the boxes. The ink also takes a time to dry and it is also a process that uses UV lights. Making customized boxes is more a labor intensive process so one must always its product shipping time or delivery items time schedule ahead.

Custom Printed Game Boxes

Custom corrugated carton is made to fulfill the specific requirements of the consumer products. Most people will pleasantly surprise to know that how inexpensive printed boxes can be. Plain boxes are already printed with manufacturer´s stamp, an eco-massage, and a recycled logo. So our copy of design can easily be added inexpensively and easily on a box. So making or ordering a custom box is not a simple task, it requires a lot of time and effort to produce a simple box for a single product. But for the success in the corporate world, all these efforts have to be made.


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