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A Bullying Story 2 is coming

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I had people call me a harassment or stalker. It made me sad that no one else wants to be my friends. Just last year a two two bully cuss me out and say that I have a cooties. I bet that picture who says that it is Jamie lee longworth picture is really her but I think she more embarrassed than her pets. I just got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and well I am sore as well. Please don´t follow people who have tattoos unless you think it cool because I have fake one yay. Again AutumnGreen40 is right about what she talks about her bully but she stands against bullying. Have a fantastic day. 🤗 Ps make sure you comment below how friend treat you good or bad or made a fake lie or doesn´t care about your problems because they treat me like that but soon on episode you see what friends treat me badly.🤗😭

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