Skype Alternatives
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If Microsoft is increasing its efforts on Skype, the VoIP service still fails to position themselves to more modern solutions. And there are a number. 

Faced with mobile messaging-platform, Microsoft has lagged with Skype. Bought in 2011 to 8.5 billion, the service recorded a continuous decline. While five years ago 14.9 billion minutes were sold, this figure fell to 10.9 billion in 2015. As for sales, it decreased from 722.5 million euros to 497 ,5 millions. 

Of course, Skype is available on smartphones and on the web, but on these platforms, the reflex is also the side of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp who each have more than 1 billion users ... three times the Microsoft service. And on the web, many young shoots come to overshadow Microsoft.

Best Alterantives to Skype

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