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11 Fantastic University Campuses that Every Student Need to Visit!

Universities are delightful with their detailed corridors, mind boggling outlines and architecture. These establishments of higher learning are portrayed not just by the phenomenal training they offer today additionally by the history behind them.

1.     University of Bologna- Italy

The most seasoned college in the Western world founded in 1088. Walking around the red brick and stone arcades around the college makes for a charming evening. A few galleries recognize the academic advances of scholarly people like Albrecht Durer, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and Nicholas Copernicus.

2.     Flagler College-USA

Flagler College is another of my top choices on the rundown of delightful grounds colleges. The wooden theme makes the college fascinating.

3.     Elon University-USA

The water foundation in the university makes it the worth seeing. It shouts magnificence, lavishness, and youth.

4.     Hamilton College-New York

Hamilton is another of my favorites on this far-fetched list of beautiful campuses.  The abundance of colors just sparks happiness in so many ways. I thought this one truly deserved to be on the list.

5.     Oxford University-England

It´s hard to imagine a more picturesque university than Oxford. The oldest university in the English-speaking world.

6.     Trinity College-USA

Meandering the green, sprawling grounds of Trinity College, you´ll likely feel associated with the colossal scholarly custom there.

7.     Harvard University-USA

America´s most seasoned and most prestigious college has involved a progression of structures that portray the movement of engineering in the U.S. Set up in 1636. Harvard University took its name from John Harvard, who gave his whole library and a large portion of his riches to the college upon his passing.

8.     Columbia University- New York

Initially established as King´s College in 1754, Columbia University is one of the most established colleges in the U.S., yet has just possessed its present grounds since the mid of 20th century. It´s a touch of a charming desert spring in the city with a lot of green space encompassed by red block and stone classroom structures, libraries, and houses of prayer.

9.     Texas A& M University-USA

Texas A and M University is a remarkable and prestigious in its opposition or group of universities. What is so extraordinary about this grounds is the magnificence that steals it. The school positions in main 20 American research establishments. The university has subsidized a few fields of progressive research.

10.                        Peking University-China

It is not a big surprise that Peking University is considered one of China´s delightful colleges. The campus has traditional and attractive gardens, pagodas and houses. Of the three entryways that lead into the grounds, the West Gate is the most delightful with expanding roof wall paintings.

11.                        University of Hawaii-Manoa

The spherical architecture of the building is amazing. Delightful and creative, grounds are worth seeing. Understudy for sure visit this campus.


You might dream of studying in a beautiful campus. So, you can consider the above beautiful campuses to study and enjoy your graduate or post-graduate period. Along with best education system, the building and other details of the campus also matter.

Author Bio

Anna Mash is a Course Coordinator at UK Essay Writing institute. With an illustrious career in educational field, she finds herself responsible for educating students regarding their academic and non-academic issues. Connect with her via Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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