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Update version 1.0

the site has a new Christmas theme!

Update version 1.1

Whiteboard and this page was added
And Christmas theme was removed.

Update version 1.2
Gold is now Funpoints
and the Visitors bar is now changed

Update 1.3
Biggest update ever
Rocket and Rock added new game
Ball Blast! Added new game
And some text issuses were fixed
Added our first Forum
Renamed Bank to Trash Bank
Added a new Avatar chat Tree Chat limited to level 10 plus

Update 1.4
Added new job Artist limited to level 25 plus
Text issus were fixed

Update 1.5
Added new item in the Catalog Just Joined
Text issus were fixed

Update 1.6
Added two new avatar choices 
Text issus were fixed
Bank was fixed
Added new text to home page

Update 1.7
Text issuses were fixed

Update 1.8
Biggest update ever!
Text issus were fixed
Background was changed
Buttons were changed
Text color was changed
Header was changed
Footer was changed
New Quest was added limited to level 20
New Public chat was added limited to level 30
Visitors was changed

Update 1.9
Header changed 
New job limited to level 5

Update 2.0
Counter changed
New game limited to level 5 plus
Background changed on the links page
URL changed
Text issus fixed

2.1 (Sorry for the HUGE delay)
Background changed
Footer changed
Currency changed from funpoints to 164Bux
Url changed
2 new quests
A new game
Our first video (2 videos)
User panel changed
and text issues fixed

Welcome to The 164s, Hope your having fun!


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