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Hello , student.

I have learned over my life and earned my rainbow hair.

Yet one day I noticed all though my hair is colorful I cant love my own child :(. Im wise but I need to learn more, anyways I am here to teach YOU!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

By the way to you know what a GHERCHUCK is?!?!

Well actually a gherchuck is when USUALLY an animal or person or insect dies and someone takes a picture of its grave, the picture actually comes out as not a grave but a GHERCHUCK, a picture of the dead thing in the grave and the picture is actually the DEAD THING EXEPT  ALIVE IN A TIME FROZEN PHOTO witch can see,breathe,and hear your words, GHERCHUCKS never die and dont need to be cleaned or fed or watered (DRINKING DRINKS) My child, this was  your 1st lesson go to the school for basic learning.

Wise enough to come again????

Hello, my wise child.

Today I am going to teach you about STRANGE ITEMS ,the fantasy shop is a shop you shall never shop at, my child.... It sells strange item´s like yellow goop and strange jewelry , wear the jewelry and you well get uncontrollable POWERS, all of your flowers well be taken away and your avatar well be wearing the item too, If you learn to control your powers and get to at least my , about 3rd class and READ LITTERRALLYY MY FIRST CLASS PLEASE DON´T CHEAT then find meika´s profile and tell her the code proof you get all your flowers back and usually, you get WAAAAAAY MORE THAN YOU HAD BEFORE!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Come back for more later, my wise child.

Code: unicornofwisdommychild325796

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