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Members (1069)

First you must take the quiz to see if you are fit for the quest:

1) Who is your godly parent?

2) What is your strength?

3) What is your weakness?

4) What is your username? (so that I can pm you if you are fit)

If you are fit read on:

Note: This is all made up so as not to spoil any readers who have not yet finished The Lightning Theif.

A hellhound comes your way. What do you do?

A) Fight it with your sword

B) Run away!

C) Try to tame it

D) Climb a tree then jump onto it´s head and kill it.

E) Run back to camp(you are in the woods)

Who do you think summoned the beast(note: not who it is in the books):

A) The girl who went into the woods this evening

B) That new kid - he looked familiar

C) Hades - he summons most things...

D) Your best friend - TRAITOR! You haven´t seen him since this morning.

E) The guy who tried to kill you last night

Beach, where most pearls are, or Hollywood, where hell is(where Persephone is):

A) Beach

B) Hollywood

Who to leave behind?

A) Your mum, who you came to the Underworld for

B) Your best friend, Grover- he is your protector.

C) Your girlfriend

D) Yourself

It´s 3 hours until the Summer solstice- your deadline. You are tired and hungry. Do you stop off at services to get food or go straight to Olympus?

A) Get food

B) Get take-away food to eat on the way

C) Hope that they have food in Olympus. Go straight there.

 Pm me your answers to see if you completed the quest and got 1,000 xp!

And if you really want a quest, read the books!

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

Please take a quiz to find out who your godly parent is and which cabin you belong to!

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