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As we near the end of term, tryouts for next years Quidditch team begin! This is an exciting development. Here is a form for the Quidditch team: House: Name: Year: Desired Position: Background in Quidditch and Broom Flying: There are slots available for seven primary players on each house team: seeker, who is in charge of catching the snitch, two beaters, who hit balls called Bludgers around to distract players, three chasers, who try to get the quaffles into the goal hoops, and a keeper who guards the goal hoops. Each house team will have seven secondary players, who will play should one of the primary players be injured or something of the manner. Each team will have a captain, who DOES NOT play primarily on the team but may play secondary.

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Posted 788 Days ago By benhu
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Posted 1037 Days ago By Courtney
Quidditch Form-To hesdmaster Wiggins
Posted 1193 Days ago By benhu
Quidditch Form-To hesdmaster Wiggins
Posted 1194 Days ago By panda
Quidditch Form-To Heaadmaster Wiggins
Posted 1194 Days ago By Edmonton25
Quidditch Form- to Headmaster Wiggins
Posted 1404 Days ago By sums9566

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