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The Three Young Maidens

By Dream Writer

The three young maidens walked along the river bank. There gowns where all different colors that match there Persaonlity. Drusilla wore a light blue dress, she was conservative, reliable, and Trustworthy letting her long brown hair down. Annabeth wore a gold dress so unique by which she made hand Optimistic, Confident and Passionate her curly dirty blond hair haled high in a bun. Then finely Karolina Red was the color she wore, Leadership, Determination, Strong her light brown hair was in a beautiful brad. These girls where sent to the river bank to meat others like them three others to be extracted. Addison stood on one side in a light Magenta dress she was Cheerful, Creative, Supportive she loved to help others thats why her strawberry blond was wavy it was lose. Clarissa was the youngest but was the most Friendly, Good-natured, and completive matched her dark organ dress so did her blond hair. Then finely Katrina she wore a black dress but know one knew why but she was the one how called them all her Strong-willed, Intelligent, and Mysterious. As the six girls stopped and looked at one another Katrina smiled.

"Form a circle." She said as the girls did what they where ask one by one. "What are thou we doing?" Asked Annabeth.
"Am guessing where all about to find out." Said Karolina.

"One this river we let our strengths grow, But now these dress there personalitys show let there Persaonlity that feel there powers flow." Said Katrina as light went out of her hands and around each girl.

"What was that?" Asked Drusilla looking around, "I dont know but was AMAZING!" Said Addison.

"Your...your a witch! But I wont say a word to the townsfolk." Said Carissa.

"Yes I am one but an element finder and you all hold the powers that help this earth. Drusilla Ice, Annabeth Air, Karolina Fire, Addison Earth and Carissa Water." Said Katrina.

"What must me do?" Asked Karolina asked.

"Protected others, yourself and this earth." Said Katrina.

"Its all most sundown." Said Drusilla looking around. "We must get going." Said Annabeth. "Bye Katrina." Said Addison as she looked at the other girls. 

"Ours powers will help other on what we control right?" Asked Carissa.

"Yes. But once your times comes you will find others. Like you all." Said Katrina as she disappeared and all the girls walked the way they came.

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