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Betrayal in the Castle (unfinished)

by Dream Writer

Veria walked briskly to the Queens chamber, a load of towels in her hand. She opened the door with a creak and entered and placed the towels on a table. The Queen nodded in thanks and Veria left her.

That night, Veria heard a nothing. Just the wind howling against her small cottage, and the trees swaying and the crickets chirping, filling her dreams with peaceful sounds.

But when she woke, she heard a great pounding against her wooden door. She got up and dress hurriedly.

"Im coming! Im coming!" She said undoing the doors iron latch. As the door opened, she saw the face of a guard.

"Who are you?" She asked, rubbing her eyes sleepily. It was still pretty early.

"You are to come with us, girl." The guard spat. "Assassin filth. Your nothing but disloyal scum. Are you really one of them? Are you apart of the Wvyic nation?"

Veria was totally confused.

"Hmmm... wha?" She asked, still half asleep. "The Wyvic nation? Were enemies with them. Were at war, of course Im not one of them. Now tell what this is all about? You best have a good reason for disrupting my beauty sleep."

"Oh, we do." A guard behind the caption muttered.

"Than tell me!" Veria snapped, frustrated. They wouldnt get to the point. "What do you want with me? I have done nothing!"

"Oh, is that so?" The gaurd snorted with fake humor.

"Just spill it." Veria said loosing her patience. "Im not in the mood."

"The Queen was murdered last night." One of the guards said in a shrill voice.

Veria stood there, her jaw hanging open, shocked.

"Wha- what?" She stuttered. "Murdered?"

"Assassinated!" The guard said bitterly. Then turned to Veria with a look of disgust. "And you were the last person to see her."

Veria gasped, realizing what the guards were implying.

"No! I would never do such a-"

"Save your breath!" The guard grabbed her roughly by the arm and dragged her to the castle and bound her hands and threw her into a cell. Veria had no idea what she could do so she waited. While she waited she thought desperately of a way to clear herself. She was scared. They could hang her with no proof!

What could she do?

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