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The Love Story of Lotus (Unfinished)
By Dream Writer

Lotus was a normal tree spirit in a normal orchard. Her tree was the most beautiful of trees, one with pink flowers blooming across its outstretched branches. The pink petals fell day and night, leaving the orchard in a blanket of light pink. The more petals that fell, the more blooms replaced them.

Lotus had a happy life, though she found it rather boring. She woke in the morning to pick apples, and berries from Dryad Grove, where her others of her kind would congregate and chat.

Lotus was an outcast and had no friends because she was not very interested in gossip and hair spray. She found that nearly all dryads, naiads, and other spirits, were just a bunch of air heads.

So, she mostly spent her time down by the lake, singing to the trees, and animals that lived among them. And that is where she met him.

A prince, (Duh.) from a nearby kingdom. He was out riding and saw this beautiful dryad. At first he thought his eyes deceived him, for when he walked over she was gone, and in her place was a pink tree, with pink blooms. So he leaned against the tree and waited for the girl to return.

The tree, of course, was Lotus. So, she lifted up her roots and shoved the prince forward and he landed in the lake with a splash.

Lotus laughed inwardly as prince stood with surprise and looked around for the one who had shoved him. But he saw no one, except the tree of pink blossoms.

So he stalked home and change into some dry clothes before coming back the next day. And there he saw lotus again, but this time she didnt see him.

So he sat at the other shore and waited.

Lotus eventually saw him and felt sorry for the poor man and walked over and said to him, "Why do you sit, young prince. For the water spirits will come and get you and drown you for sure!"

"I cannot leave for I am waiting for the girl of pink flowers, which sings so beautifully." He said shaking his head.

Lotus frowned in dismay.

"Fine. Let the water be your death." she replied coldly for she was angry that the prince did not recognize her.

But he did, and just wanted her to tell him, and give him a chance to talk to her. But Lotus wanted nothing to do with this prince so she headed to the other side of the lake.

But then she heard a huge splash from the water and saw that the water spirits were indeed pulling the poor man in.

Lotus did not know what to do. She did want to save the man but she would be an enemy of the water spirits if she entered their domain. (They were so very territorial.)

But she finally made up her mind and dove into the lake, making a barely audible splash herself.

She found the prince deep beneath the waves, in the naiads palace. She asked the naiad guards for permission to enter and they permitted her to enter, but with a warning, "Beware. The naiads have returned from their hunt.... and not empty handed."

Besides my prince, she thought in her head. She entered and found where the prince had been dragged under. He was barely alive and unconscious at the time.

"Oh, sister naiads," Lotus said kindly. "Can I take this dirty boy from your beautiful kingdom? He shall surely pollute your water."

The naiads looked to one another with greedy eyes.

"Yes, you may take him, but for three white pearls."

"I will only give you the pearls if he is alive." Lotus replied stubbornly.

"Fine." Said the leading naiad. "But alive you owe us three pearls and a favor."

Lotus agreed and the naiads forced a magic potion down the princes throat, and he could suddenly breath beneath the water.

"What? What is going on?" I sputtered.

"The pearls." The Niads said eagerly. Lotus handed the pay over.

"And you us a favor." The Niads added.

"What is it?" Lotus replied crossly.

"You must slay the sea monster which is haunting our domain and bring us one of his teeth as proof." The laughed and giggled to each other for they knew this was an impossible task.

"Very well." Lotus replied sadly. "Where is the beast?"

"It lurks in the murky cave, where the water is misty and unclear. There you shall meet your doom." After saying this, the naiads cackled with glee and sounded more like see witches than anything.

"Fine." Lotus snapped. "Just you watch. I shall bring down that beast and less than a days time."

With that, Lotus grabbed the shocked prince by the cape and dragged him to the surface.

"Er, thanks." The prince said once he was out of shock.

"Youd better be." Lotus said angrily. She would probably get killed thanks to this no good human.

"But I can help you. Or know someone who can. For you are in danger on my account." Said the prince nobly.

"Indeed I am." Lotus muttered. "But what is your name?" She asked.

"Prince Erwin or Cathor. And do you accept my help or not?" Erwin asked.

"Indeed I do accept!" Lotus said hastily. "So, who is this person who can help me?"

"She goes by the name of Morgan le Fay. She is a sorceress and can help us on our quest." Erwin said.

"Good. Show the way." Lotus replied, her chest flooding with hope.

They traveled to Cathor and made their way to a village. There they asked directions to the sorceresss home and found she lived in a great palace surrounded by black stone walls.

They entered and met the sorceress where she sat on a blood red throne, with a black cape and scarlet crown.

"Why have you come to my palace, Prince Erwin? And who is your... friend?" She asked eyeing Lotus.

"I am Lotus." Lotus replied coolly. "And we have come to ask your aid."

Morgan smiled slyly.

"You know my help does not come without a price." She said to the two.

"What kind of price?" Lotus asked.

"The price depends on what it is you need."

"We need a sword that can slay a immortal sea monster." Erwin said bluntly. "And something that can purify water."

Morgan frowned.

"You ask for a lot, prince of Cathor. But I can help you.... for a price." She added.

"What kind of price?" Lotus asked again.

"The price of a living soul." Morgan said wickedly smiling. "A pure, soul It must be. Like your own, deary." Morgans eye flashed as she looked at Lotus.

Lotus gasped.

"We dont even know how to separate a soul from a body!" Prince Erwin yelled. "Besides, we would not give up ANYONES soul. Not even our own. And certainly not Lotuss."

"Fine. You can have it." Lotus said. She made a promise to those nasty naiads and she was going to keep it. "Just let me slay the beast, and I shall give it too you."

"Lotus, no." Erwin whispered. "You cant even know how to do that."

"Yes." Lotus said firmly. "I do. I am a dryad, and my lifes source is from a tree. I can bring Morgan the tree so she can, therefor, take my soul."

"Deal." Morgan said as she held out a sword and potion.

"Lotus, you cant!" Erwin said.

"I will. And besides, its too late." She said sadly. "The deal is done."

Lotus walked off, sword in one hand and a bottle of potion in the other. She held her head high as she walked towards the lake and dove beneath the waves, only leaving behind a few ripples in the lakes flat surface. Lotus was gone.

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