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The Moon Mage

by Dream Writer

Keyanna walked up the wizard tower steps, her feet making no noise on the cold floor. She made her way to the top and was met by a black menacing looking door. She turned the knob with a squeak and the door swung open.
She peaked inside the room to find it over flowing with books and yellowed scrolls, with a half buried desk seated in the center. she could barely see the hunched figure seated at the desk, with a pair of glasses and silver streaked hair.
Keyanna cleared her throat.
"You summoned me, Moon Mage." She said clearly.
The figure looked up. The old ladys face wasnt wrinkled as expected but was, in fact perfectly smooth. Her eyes bright, dancing with life. This wasnt the old woman Keyanna had envisioned.
"You call me Moon Mage?" The woman asked. she chuckled to herself. "Clearly the council did not reveal the meaning of this visit. Please sit."
"Um..." Keyanna glanced around the flooded room. "Where?"
The Mage seemed to realize the room was a mess and was quite cluttered.
"Ooh, dear." The Mage clucked her tongue. She cleared away a pile of scrolls and revealed a wooden chair. Keyanna hesitantly sat in it.
"I summoned you for one reason." The Moon Mage said. "And that is-"
She didnt finish, when suddenly the glass windows of the room shattered. Their was a menacing laugh that rang throughout the room, sending chills up Keyannas spine.
"Veshier." The Moon Mage spat with disgust.
"Yes. You remembered." The cool, sinister voice came from behind Keyanna. She whirled to find a man with jet black hair and a red fiery robe. Keyanna stepped back.
"The Sun Mage." She whispered.
"Sun WARLOCK." The man corrected. "Arch enemy of the Moon Mage and all of Silver tower."
"Get out." The Moon Mage said curtly.
"No. Not until I grab what I came for." Said the Warlock shaking his head.
"And what is that?" Keyanna asked without meaning to.
"My dear, girl." The Warlock said. "The Ruby scroll."
"Never. You would use its magic only for evil, and chaos." The Mage growled.
"No, chaos is needed in order for there to be order." The Warlock replied calmly. "And no one will stop me.... not even you."
He held up his wand and a fire ball shot from the tip. The Mage deflected it with a white force field of some kind and shot fiery blue moonlight at the Warlock.
The warlock held out his hand, palm flat, and a blue fire blazed on his finger tips. He threw it at the shooting moonlight and they shattered to white dust, and was gone.
He then shot some Lava at the Moon Mage, but she had no time to react and was scorched badly in the heart. She was knocked to the ground and Keyanna ran to her.
"D-defend th-the scroll." The Mage murmured laying her hand on Keyannas forehead. A warm power pulsed within Keyanna, her fingers turning white, and glowy. The Moon Mage then closed her eyes, a faint smile o her lips as she passed on from the world of pain and fire.
Keyanna stood and turned on the sun Warlock. She shot cold, white moonlight at the Warlock who got glazed in the shoulder. She kept shooting the white comets at the Warlock. She hit him square in the chest and he gasped. He looked in horror at his hand, seeing ice slowly forming on hit finger tips.
Soon, all that was left of the Sun Warlock was a block of pure ice in the middle of the room.
There was sudden pounding on the doors and the council broke in and glanced at the scene. The frozen Warlock, the dead mage, and Keyanna.
They then gaped at Keyanna and bowed and said with awe, "Behold, the Moon Mage."

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