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Outer Realms

by Dream Writer

Frost Flower flew higher than ever. Who says the sky´s the limit? If it were up to Frost flower, she would delve into deep outer space and would explore the other realms. But she couldn´t. Herd Frost Fly was confined to the Ice realms and that´s where Frost Flower had to stay.
They said the Fire realm was near enough as it is. And Frost Flower wanted to explore it.

She flew as shot as high as the night clouds then fell downward. And then swooped upwards just before she hit the hard ground.

Frost flower then came face to face with the Frost Fly herd leader.

"Hello Hetalia." frost flower squawked nervously.

"Out late again, are you, Frost Flower." Hetalia flew from where she was perched and soared past Frost flower.

"Anything wrong with that, Hetalia?" Frost flower replied coolly.

"Yes, if you´re going into the outer realms." Hetalia nearly shouted. "It seems that the only thing wrong here is you."

Frost Flower cawed in surprise.

"Hetalia!" Frost Flower said in shock.

"We belong in the Ice realm." Hetalia said, her voice still full of hostility. "And you´d better stay."

"No." Frost Flower replied evenly.

"What!" Screamed Hetalia.

"I said, NO!!" Frost Flower said, suddenly angry.

"How dare you!" Hetalia shouted just before she dove at Frost flower. frost Flower narrowly avoided Hetalia´s attack and shot upwards. She soared past the clouds and rose higher still.

"FROST FLOWER!!" Hetalia shouted up at her. "I hear by BANISH you to the outer realms."

Frost Flower´s heart soared with joy. Mission accomplished.

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