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                                                        Icy Night

                     by Dream Writer      

I rush through the icy grass, snowflakes brushing against my furs. I walked hurriedly, knowing very well I shouldnt be out at this time of night. But it was the winter solstice and I knew very well I couldnt resist traveling to the faeries grove... I had to find- CRACK!
I turned to see where the snap came from.
Three huge white, shaggy, wolves rose from the shadows of an Evergreen tree.
I back away only to hear a growl from behind me and see four more. I dart to my left and run along side a frozen river. I hear the wolves gaining on me so crouch behind a thick bush. I hear the wolves growling and barking as they pass. I stand, thinking they are all gone. But I dont notice the wolf crouching in front of the bush, ready to attack.
He pounces, sending us both sprawling back, landing on the iced river. I stand only to hear the cracking of ice. beneath the wolf whod attacked me, the ice had started to break. I whimpered in a pathetic way as it fell into the cold depths. I rush over to hole, but half way there, the ice gives way beneath me. I plunge beneath the water and ice only to find a cold, silent kingdom underneath.
It was so empty, so dark and very cold. The only thing here was me... and the wolf. I see it struggling to swim in the icy water, the temperature messing up the way it brain functions. I found my own brain wanting to shut down.
No! I screamed to myself as things threatened to go dark. I swim forward, against my own body will, and make my way towards the wolf. I grab it around the neck and kick as hard as I can upwards. I dont have the strength. Now everything is going black, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
Then there was the light. So bright, and pure, with delicate wings....
They swarmed around us and lifted us towards the surface. We broke the water and I gasped for air. The wolf slowly stood and attempted to shake itself, but was too weak. The faeries then circled us and flew around us, faster and faster. The light was amazing in the tornado of faeries.
Then there was blinding flash and we were in the faeries grotto. The place I wanted to go in the first place. There was the sight I wanted to see from the very start. The faerie tree.
An evergreen decorated in bright fair dust, so beautiful and bright against the icy snow, and the grey sky.
I stood there and smiled, with the wolf leaning against me. 
The faeries then started swirling around me again. But this time, I wasnt teleported. I was transformed.
I looked down and saw I had on a beautiful white gown with a silver crown.
One faerie buzzed around my head and said, "Celebrate with us."
And so I did. We played frost tag, and played hide and go seek, (which was really hard with faeries since they are so small.)
and decorated the tree with even more bright colors.
But when the sun threatened to come up, I told them, me and Frost fur, (The wolf) Had to go.
But before they teleported me, they swarmed around me once more and said, "Sing with us."
And so I did. I never heard the song, yet I sang every word.
Then, when the suns first rays peaked form the horizon, The faeries said to us, "Return, daughter of ice."
And I was instantly in my room, the daylight peaking from my curtains.
I rushed to the window and saw the icy winter woods, and the icy mountains. I then heard a long howl erupting from the mountain and saw a white wolf, atop the mountains peak, lift its head and I knew it saw me, though miles away. 
I then rushed as I put on my boots and jacket, because I wanted to play with my new found friend, but when I went to the closet I found a big white dress folded carefully on the shelf along side an icy tiara.


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