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Welcome to the Godly Parentage Quiz Forum! Here you will be able to determine your godly parent. When you are done, comment below with your results. If you lie, remember: Cheaters never prosper!!! Enjoy taking the quiz! 

1. What do you do in your free time?

a. practice saying your report aloud

b. swim

c. think about your grudges

d. watch military or horror movies

e. read or study for a test

f. sing

g. party with friends

h. grow flowers

i. tinker

j. be mischevious

k. sleep

l. do magic tricks

m. try something new

n. play sports or games

o. go shopping for clothes or put on makeup

2. What would you like to be when you grow up?

a. a political leader

b. a lifeguard or Olympic swimmer

c. become a priest

d. a soldier

e. be a teacher or an architect

f. a singer, poet, or doctor

g. the owner of a vineyard

h. a farmer or gardener

i. an inventer or engineer

j. a mailman

k. have no job - stay at home all day

l. a magician or optical illusinist

m. a salesman

n. a sportsplayer

o. a model or fashion designer

3. What is your dream pet?

a. eagle

b. horse

c. nothing

d. dog

e. owl

f. dolphin

g. tiger

h. snake

i. donkey

j. turtle

k. bear

l. frog

m. not sure

n. doesnt matter

o. swan

4. People describe you as:

a. the leader

b. the swimmer

c. the hater

d. the person who is obsessed with guns

e. nerdy

f. always happy

g. the partier

h. the person who loves flowers

i. creative

j. talkative

k. sleepy

l. sensible

m. someone who loves to try new things

n. competitive

o. the fashion geek

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

a. the White House

b. the Caribbean

c. a graveyard

d. a military training area

e. the Leaning Tower of Pisa

f. outer space

g. a concert

h. a farm to learn how things grow

i. Benjamin Franklins workshop

j. none of the ones that were mentioned

k. Ill just stay home and sleep

l. a world famous magicians magic show

m. there are too many choices, I want to do everything

n. watch the Olympics

o. the mall

6. You commonly eat

a. a feast

b. fish

c. any kind of meat

d. rare meat

e. vegetables

f. hot soup

g. something that goes well with wine

h. any kind of produce

i. tacos

j. a bowl of cereal

k. trail mix

l. anything

m. always trying new things

n. something light & not too heavy

o. something fancy and expensive

7. You get back at someone by

a. showing them whos boss

b. shooting a water gun at them

c. just hold a grudge on them for the rest of your life

d. beating them up

e. outsmarting them

f. annoying them with high pitched singing

g. take their lunch

h. take their lunch and eating it right in front of them

i. making a robot to eternally annoy them

j. pull hundreds of pranks on them

k. Eh, just laugh it off

l. pretend to burn their stuff with an optical illusion

m. give them a chance

n. win them at every contest

o. give them bad fashion tips 

mostly a - Zeus

mostly b - Poseidon

mostly c - Hades

mostly d - Ares 

mostly e - Athena

mostly f - Apollo

mostly g - Dionysus

mostly h - Demeter

mostly i - Hephaestus

mostly j - Hermes

mostly k - Hypnos

mostly l - Hecate

mostly m - Janus

mostly n - Nike

mostly o - Aphrodite

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Posted 1585 Days ago By duke 797
Posted 1598 Days ago By OwlCharm
my godly parent
Posted 1612 Days ago By titi
sorry dude
Replied Posted 1610 Days ago By ami510
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Posted 1617 Days ago By meli2525
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Replied Posted 1616 Days ago By ami510
I´m awesome!
Posted 1626 Days ago By iamawesome
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