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Welcome to the Athena Cabin! Athena is the goddess of wisdom, arts, and literature. She thinks out battle strategies carefully and is not reckless, so she almost always wins. Athena invented the bridle, pot, plow, yoke, trumpet, rake, chariot, and ship. Before Athena was born, her mother was swallowed by Zeus because he was warned that if she had a son, he would overthrow him. But of course, She had a daughter, and instead sprung from the skull of Zeus, her father, in full battle armor. Her sacred tree is the olive tree, and her sacred animal is the owl, and Athena is often symbolized by owls. Athena is the favorite child of Zeus, so she is allowed to use his weapons - even his thunderbolt! In a town called Ledia, a vain and beautiful woman named Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest because she thought she was the best weaver. Arachne weaved a picture of the gods weaknesses and fears. Offended, Athena turned Arachne into a spider, making the first arachnid. The Roman form of Athena is Minerva. Children of Athena tend to be smart/wise, great weavers, love architecture, and think out good strategies.

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