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Welcome to the Zeus Cabin! Zeus is the king of the gods, and is also the god of the sky/lightning. His father, Cronus, ate his children, the Big Three ( Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) but Zeus got away. Cronuss wife fed him rocks instead so that Cronus would throw up, letting them escape. After that, Zeus cut up Cronus with his own scythe, and the gods rein began. Zeus is able to create any natural event that has do do with the air/sky occur by using his shield, Aegis. His weapon is an ultimate lightning bolt. Zeus is married to the god Hera, but often has demigod children by having affairs with other mortals. Children of Zeus are able to summon and control thunder/lightning/electricity, are able to control winds to fly, have more resistance to venti (evil wind spirits), and are able to control them. The children of Zeus in this camp are:

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