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Oh, hi there! Welcome to my Hair Accessories shop!  Smile

Hair just looks much better when it has a flower or hat to compliment it, dont you think? Feel free to look around, Im sure you will find something you love. 

Im sure you are aware of the layering issues on Rainbow Splash. You may have noticed your newly purchased hair accessory goes under your hair, and sure- that can be an annoyance. 

If you have purchased a hair accessory which you are having layering trouble with, you can do one of those things:

  • You could delete both items and then purchase the hair accessory, then the hair. This is not reccomended as long-term solution, but works in the short-term if you need a quick fix!
  • You could use the hair accessory creatively for a while for other purposes- who says you cant?
However, the best solution is...

  • Check the Hair and Accessories shop. Is the combination of hair and accessory you want already there? If so- great! Purchase it and enjoy! Another bonus? Instead of taking up two item slots in your room, it only takes up one- so you can put more things in with your avatar! If its not there, then message Holly with the names and colours of both the hair and the accessory you want to see combined. Holly will create your requested item as soon as possible, and she will put it up for sale in the Hair and Accessories shop, sending you a message as soon as she does so. Please message Holly the items you had trouble with-- she will remove them and give you a full refund.You can also combine rare hair and  accessories if you have them, just ensure you tell Holly the names. If you would not like your combination to be sold, rare or not, just say so in your message! Holly will then send your requested combination as a gift as soon as possible and it will not be for sale for anyone to get.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy! ^-^

Shop News feed

7 November 2014- New stock available!

Navy Red Beret - Price: 25 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Light and Dark Pink Beret - Price: 25 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Navy Lilac Beret - Price: 25 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Ball Cap Blue and Red - Price: 30 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Ball Cap Green and Black - Price: 30 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Ball Cap Red and Black - Price: 30 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

Panda Hat Original - Price: 50 Rainbow Gold
Buy Now !

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