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Do you want to dress up your avatar, showing off your creativity by combining a range of hairstyles, accessories and more? In order to do that, you first need to purchase an avatar to work with. You can do that here, so choose from a constantly expanding range of figures and skin colours! You can have as many avatars as you want. To dress up an avatar, first create a Virtual Room on your profile. Then, place your purchased avatar into that room. Once that is done, you can purchase and add clothes, hairstyles and more to your avatar! The limit of extra items you can add to your avatar is unfortunately 9. If you run out of space, you can always ask me to combine certain features and make them one avatar, so for example, I could make an avatar with eyes so contact lenses are not a separate item, and then you can add more extras to your avatar! If you would like that, message Holly with your request and you will receive it as a gift as soon as possible. 

Don´t understand? Heres an example!

Message: Could you please make a (insert name of avatar) avatar for me with (insert eye name+ colour) eyes and (insert skin colour/type) skin? I am running out of space, so an avatar where I don´t need those as a separate item would be really useful. Thank you!

The cost of this service is 50 Rainbow Gold per avatar.

NEW FEATURE! You can now attach an image of your own avatar, send it as a message to Holly, and then she will give the avatar to you as a gift to use as you wish!

IMPORTANT NOTE! Unfortunately, you may have noticed that sometimes, your avatars eyes go behind the avatar, or that any products you buy go under your avatar. This is because ALL NEWER PRODUCTS GO IN THE BOTTOM LAYER, AND OLDER PRODUCTS GO IN THE TOP LAYERS. THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU WANT A DRESS ON YOUR AVATAR, FOR EXAMPLE, YOU NEED TO BUY THE DRESS AND THEN THE AVATAR. I know that this is very inconvenient, but unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. So, if you are having trouble, what you can do is put all the items you want on your avatar in one room, then message Holly the link to your room, and she will create your avatar with correct layering and send it to you as a gift. Feel free to do this as often as you want.

UPDATE: To combat the layering problem, there will be no such thing as rare avatars, unfortunately. So... once an avatar is released- it will never be removed from the store! Why is this a solution? Here is a scenario. You bought an avatar during Halloween which later becomes extremely rare in the game. Since you bought the avatar a while ago, you have collected many more items- but you cannot put them on your rare avatar because newer items go UNDER. The only solution would be to delete the avatar and then buy it again so it becomes your newest item, but you cannot buy it again because it is rare. However, if there are no rare avatars, you can buy every avatar at all times and this will hopefully combat the problem! However, if you are ever having issues with layering, message Holly and she will sort them out.


MAY 2017 UPDATE: Due to the switch to IMVU avatars, there are certain combinations of skins, eyes and faces. While I´m adding many more, to retain the game´s creative aspect, please feel free to send your suggestions that I´ll make ASAP, and do look through the IMVU item catalogues for inspiration! 

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