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Members (1399)

Star School 

written by:2005christ

I have given permission to Myfirstworld GIRLZ ROCKs Admin, Girlzrockowner to use this book on her website!


Allysa Jones

Allysa loves singing! Allysa is outgoing and can play many different instruments!

Mandy Tran

Mandy is a inspired actress. She loves making new friends and she loves flowers!

Tracy Dcosta

Tracy is a dancer! She has a love for dogs and she loves candy. She thinks the word awesome describes her and she is Perrys baby sitter!

Violet Rand

Violet is a star athlete! She is a star at pretty much all the sports you can name and she loves mangos!

Belle Trent

Belle is a inspired model! She is the second prettiest girl in all of Star school. Her name even means beautiful!

Lonna blue

image not available

Lonna doesnt take no for an answer! She is a spoiled brat and is very mean! 

Tony Ann

Tony is a Fashion designer! Tony has a dog named Princess and she is very kind and stylelish!

Perry Jones

Perry is Allysas younger sister! She loves pulling pranks and getting her older sister into trouble!

Daisy Jones (Raquelle,Allysa,and Perrys mom)

Mrs.Jones is a hard working mom who thinks of good solutions when her children have problems! Mrs.jones is a doctor and she loves taking care of people!

Raquelle Jones

Raquelle is Allysas older sister! She loves animals and graduated star school! Raquelle is very kind if your on her good side and if your on her bad side or you mess with her pet chick Lucy,good luck!

Chapter 1: Allysas good bad morning

"Wake up Allysa!" cried Raquelle her older sister. " Raquelle,its 5:00 go back to sleep" Allysa said tiredly. "No way, we got to get you ready for Star School, its your first day today!" Raquelle said pulling her 15-year old sister off of her bed! "AHHHHHHHHHH"

Allysa screamed! "Hehe" Raquelle laughed evilily! Raquelle dragged her sister into the bathroom and and shut the door "Im giving you 5 minutes to get ready" Shouted Raquelle. After five minutes, Allysa came out wearing the a Striped Shirt,Jeans, a Denim Jacket, and a pair of Pink Uggs. "There happy" Allysa said! she raced down stairs and saw a seat that said "SIT HERE ALLYSA!" in bubble letters. "Uhhhhhh you even made me breakfast. Gee, thanks Raquelle" Allysa said. Allysa was right, there was bacon and eggs sitting on Allysas favourite plate and a cup of milk in the rainbow cup! "Cant wait til you see Star School,

its glamourous there! The students are all polite and they have dinner there every evening and the food is delish,youll love it there"! Raquelle said in excitment. Raquelle, was just going to make another statement until she saw her younger sisters face. "Hey, Allysa whats wrong" Raquelle asked her sad looking sister, "Oh,nothing im just gonna miss having dinner at home plus I wont be back until its 9:00.Getting into Star School was great and all but I miss how the things were before I got excepted and enrolled into Star School, What if i dont make any new friends" Allysa said sadly. "Ohhh, dont worry youll make tons of friends. Your smart and talented just like me except im more talented and smart" Raquelle said quickly. "RAQUELLE" Allysa shouted. "Ok sorry,all i really need to say kiddo is that youve got stuff other people want, and you made it out of millions of girls who wanted to join a private girl school" Raquelle said soothingly " Your actually right this time thanks Raquelle" Allysa said. Allysa checked the time "Oh, Wow weve been talking for 2 hours its 7:00" Allysa said in surprisment.

"Hey guys" Perry their younger sister said. "Woah,what time did you wake up" Perry asked. "5" said Raquelle and Allysa at the same time! "And you look very tired Raquelle,come with me to my room so I can give you a treatment" Perry said sinisterly."No way, last time I did and you poured soapy water over my head" cried Raquelle. "Hmmm,need to think of new pranks" Perry said as she sat down for breakfast. Later,Their mom came down in a casual buisness-suit. "I love your suit mom" Allysa said. "Awww,thanks Allysa. Ok,what do you want" Mrs.Jones said, She knew her children wanted something when they act nice. "Ummmm, nothing really just a ride to school"  Allysa said. "Consider it done" her mom said. Thanks mom" Allysa said. After,Allysa got up and told her mom the time "Mom hurry up,Ill be late" Allysa cried. "Ok Ok, calm down child.Ill be there in a sec just lemme finish cleaning the dishes" her mom said calmly. When Allysas mom finished cleaning the dishes she and Allysa took off and headed to Star School!  

Chapter 2: Ready,Set,Star

"Im here" Allysa said in excitment. Then she remembered her conversation with Raquelle, there was butterflies in her tummy. "I can do this, cmon Allysa show Star School what you got!" she mumbled. "Good luck,kiddo"her mom said as Allysa got out of the car, "bye mom" Allysa said as she was walking to the entrance gate. As Allysa got into school she bumped into someone but not just anyone, Queen Bee Lonna Blue. "Ohhh, I am sooooooo sorry" Allysa said picking up Lonnas books. "Your such a cluts, watch where your going" Lonna said meanly. "I already said sorry, I didnt do it on purpose and plus this was kinda your fault,you werent watching where you were going you were to busy admiring your hair to watch where you were going you know. No offence but your more of a cluts than me" Allysa explained firmly. "How dare you speaked to Lonna blue like that" Lonna said furiously. "Wait, oh your the new student i was supost to tour you around the school. Since your being disrepectful to your tour guide I guess the tour is over, Allysa Jones". "How do you know my name" Allysa asked, "Mrs.Morgan the principle told me, wow your as pathetic as your name sounds" Lonna said as she walked away to her locker. "Ugh,great job Allysa now you got on the queen bees bad side and you dont know where to go" Allysa thought. Just then a girl tapped her shoulder, Allysa turned around. "Oh hi, Im Mandy. Mandy Tran to be exact" the girl said, "I guess Ill have to fill in for Lonna, Im supost to be sub if she sick or something, talking about Lonna you were kinda brave there speaking up to her. NO BODY ever speaks to her that way cause there to scared, shes real mean and everyone is afraid of her" Mandy said shivering. "Well, shes just a human what eles should I do sit in the corner and cry" Allysa said, "Well, thats what everyone eles does, anyway heres your locker you can be free to do what ever you want to it except for cheats and stuff and plus this is a special locker, just say what kind of star you want to be and your first and last name and then when you get into your locker you have to enter a a code" Mandy said in excitment. "Popstar, Allysa Jones" Allysa said, the locker opened but all she saw was a wall and a keypad "ok now what" Allysa said. Mandy saw a sheet of paper on the ground Mandy went and retrieved the paper and gave it to Allysa, IT WAS ALLYSAS KEY NUMBER FOR HER LOCKER! Allysa typed in what the key number was and her locker fully opened and the was a mic,a 8 subject music note binder,6 cute and stylelish pop star note books, music pens,music pencils,music erasers,music flash notes,a mp3 player,30 diferrent girl popstar oufits that came with shoes,and makeup for the stage. Then Allysa saw that there was a remote there was a stage button,closet button,rehearsal room button,and backstage button. "Oh, thats your remote were not aloud to use it unless we are needed to other wise use your locker how it is, Oh looks like were in the same classes this semester so is Lonna! Well I Guess they wanted tour guides to be in the same classes ok you have Music,Drama,English,Math,Piano,And Dance. "Lets be friends, you seem really cool Allysa your not a chicken of Lonna and plus your strong thats the kind of people I like!" "Wow, Im gonna have a great year im making friends real fast Raquelle was right I do have stuff"Allysa said happily! 


After,during lunch break Mandy wanted to show Allysa something. When they got there they went to line up behind a line for an audition called the STARZ CLUB. Allysa heard that it was a group of confident,popular,talented girls who were looking for a sixth group member . "I think you can make the audition, good luck" Mandy said going into the room. Allysa saw her sitting at the judges table giving her a thumbs up sign! "No this cant be, Mandy was in the STARZ CLUB!" Allysa said. Then, she saw Lonna in the back of the line pushing people out her way just when she came to Allysa she stopped and glared, "what are you doing here cluts" said Lonna. "Im auditioning Mandy told me that I can make it" smiled Allysa as she turned her head away from Lonna. "How did she get... oh never mind" Lonna thought.  When it came to be Allysas turn, she went in front of five judges  (including Mandy). "Hi, Im Allysa Jones and I and i want to be a popstar and a song writer. Today im going to be singing Fireworks  by Katy Pery" said Allysa 

"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep six feet under?
Screams but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that theres still a chance for you
Cause theres a spark in you?

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

Cause, baby, youre a firework
Come on, show em what youre worth
Make em go, "Aah, aah, aah"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby, youre a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Make em go, "Aah, aah, aah"
Youre gonna leave em all in awe, awe, awe" 

Allysa sung in a beautiful voice!

Next was Lonna! She was wearing a sparkling jump suit and did a gymnastics  routine! No body was impressed and Lonna became furious "OHHHH AND AWWWWW" Lonna screamed! The girls started to ohhh and awwww at Lonnas routine the judges werent impressed! Then somebody spoke up for the girls who didnt want to comment on Lonnas gymnastics routine"Lonna, they can ohhhhh and awww if they want your not the boss of them you know this is a free country" that someone was Allysa! "Ugh cluts this isnt any of your bees wax!". "Lonna.." someone said "STOP TALKING TO ME CLUTS. IF YOU DONT ILL BLOG YOUR SINGING WAS AWFUL AND EVERYONE LISTENS TO LONNAS BLOG" Lonna shouted! "Umm,this isnt Allysa its Mandy and btw can you please get out of the audition room your disqualified bye,bye" Mandy said. "NO YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME IT ISNT FAIR" Lonna said "Im a judge and these are my rules now please get out or Ill call the STARZ CLUB SECURITY!" "UGH" said Lonna as she walked out! The other girls were amazed of Allysa no one ever dared to speak up to her that way! After other girls tried out the judges made their minds up and called everyone in "We have thought really hard and we have chose..." Mandy said, everyone shivered in excitment. "Allysa" Mandy finished. Allysa was sooooooo happy for herself but there was another Allysa "HUH" they Allysa and Allysa said at the same time. "Whoops sorry, I meant Allysa Jones" Mandy said. Allysa was excited in whats in store for her as the new member the STARZ CLUB!!!

9:00 Talks

The clock ticked 9 and all the students were picked up by their parents! "Hey,kiddo how was your day" said Mrs.Jones "Hi,mom the day was great I made a friend named Mandy, shes real nice and I joined this club and now Im a member" said Allysa as she got into the car! "Woah, Raquelle would certainly want to hear this, ok Allysa buckle your seat belt" Mrs.Jones said as Allysa closed the door. Later,when Allysas mom went to work late just for today,  she told Raquelle about Lonna and how the day went, "OMG, you met Lonna she has the meanest sister in the universe" Raquelle said as she combed her pet chick Lucys. "Who is her sis" Asked Allysa, "WELL SHE USED TO BULLY ME JUST LIKE YOU AND ALMOST KILLED LUCY! Raquelle shouted. "Really" said Allysa, "YEAH REALLY SO I POURED A BUCKET OF WATER ON HER HEAD,it was warm dont worry but it took the smirk off her dumb face" Raquelle finished. "Allysa dont worry, bullies just do that so they can feel good about them selves, they think if they drag other people to their level they think that they would feel stronger and better than you are it was good for you to tell me Allysa. Tommorow I want you to go up to gonna and tell her to stop or I will have no choice to go their and speak for you" Raquelle said. Allysa nodded. Then,suddenly the smoke alarm went off, "Here is your dinner Allysa and Raquelle" Perry said, Allysa lookd and saw burned food. "What is that gravy" Allysa said in disgust. "No silly, Allysa its beef. Eat up" said Perry. Perry was the only one who ate "how come you arent eating" Perry said sadly. "Ummm,yeah were eating" Raquelle said, "we are" asked Allysa. Raquelle elbowed her younger sister she didnt want to hurt Perrys feelings "oh yeah we are eating" said Allysa as she stared to eat the burned mash potatoes, Perry looked happy then she started laughing "Haha I didnt think you would eat this its not even my best wow " Perry laughed as she took a picture on her plum phone. "You better not post that on ShareMe" Allysa said, "dont, I beg you Ill be the laughing stalk of Star School" Allysa finished. Perry held out her hand, Allysa put 10 dollars in it. "Thank you" Perry said as she slipped the bill in her pocket. Then suddenly she went into the guest dining room and gave Allysa and Raquelle take out food! It looked like a feast! There was french fries,popcorn chicken,fried chicken,salad,cheese pizza, and eight cans of mini pepsi. "How much was all this stuff" asked Allysa, "it was all free, dont you remember Uncle Pete lives in a mansion because he owns the company that owns Delmar Resturante. So since we are his favourite nieces he decided to give us free food and he feels bad for mom because she cant cook but he knows that you and Raquelle can but he doesnt want you to get tired, thank you mom for taking care of him soooooooo nicely" said Perry breathing tiredly. "I better send Uncle Pete a thank you card" said Raquelle. After a couple of hours, the girls almost finished the food but save a bit of everything for their mom when she comes home! Allysa brushed her teeth and took a bath and put on her bunny pajamas and went to bed!

Starz club tour

The next day, Allysa had to wake up again at five and for the rest of the year to hang and have meetings at the Starz Club. Allysa went to school at 6:00 to attend a get to know each other meeting with the girls of the Starz club! The Starz Club was on school grounds but only Starz Club members were aloud into the Starz Club HQ building. When Allysa got to the building she saw a scanning system it scanned her faced and it said "Good Morning Allysa Jones". Allysa walked in and saw security everywhere there was cameras and security guards. One of the security guards were going in her direction, Allysa seemed a little frightened because she thought the security guard was going to asked who she was. "Hello, Allysa I am officer John. The girls are on the 18th level waiting for you" the security guard said. "Thank you" Allysa said as she walked to the elevator. Then, the elevator opened and Allysa was about to closed till she saw a girl running she scanned her face and ran in the building "18" said officer John. "Huh" said Allysa as the girl got in the elevator "18" the girl said. "Me to" said Allysa. "Oh your Allysa Jones, the new member of the team" the girl said. "Im Violet Rand nice to finally meet you"  the girl said. "Hi, oh are you in Mrs.Randys gym class just put it in my schedule for 6:00 yesterday and I happened to see your name" Allysa said. "Yeah I am in her class I cant wait to be in the same gym class as you" Violet said in excitment. The elevator doors opened Allysas jaw opened. She saw pink purple and blue walls, a pink meeting table, a board of pictures of the first members of the Starz Club,squeaky clean floor, coloured paper, kawaii pencils,a soda maker,mini fridge, and labeled chairs of the members names. Then Allysa saw the members of the Starz club."Oh, hey Allysa and Violet.Just in time we were about to start the meeting" Mandy said. "Before we start Im gonna introduce Allysa to the members" Mandy said in a hint  of excitment, Mandy just loved touring and introducing people! "Allysa meet Belle,Tracy,Tonny,and Violet" said Mandy. "OMG, Tracy I thought you moved to Ohio" said Allysa. "Huh, wait Mandy when you said Allysa Jones I didnt think you meant Allysa Jones. So hows Raquelle and Perry" Tracy said as she did a ballet move. "Great and Perry is still working on that prank you taught her" said Allysa. "You know each other" said Belle as she put on her lip gloss. "Yeah we do she used to be Perrys baby sitter because my mom didnt trust me taking care of my little sister Perry alone she decided to hire Tracy to help me while my older sister Raquelle went somewhere or had to work" said Allysa."Ok anyway lets start the meeting" said Allysa. "Ohhhhhhhh, no no no. When we met meeting we meant tour.Take a helmet" said Violet as she handed her one. Mandy opened the door and Allysa saw a zip line and six zippers (at least thats what Allysa calls it). Mandy got hooked up on the zip line,then Belle,then Violet ,then Tracy,and then Tony. "Trust me its really fun when you get used to it" said Tony. Allysa Got hooked up. Then the girls jumped off and zipped away. When the zip line finished Allysa saw the halls of Star School.All of the sudden the zip line turned transpearent enough for no one to see it. "WOW said Allysa. "This is the way we could transport to school without running" Mandy said. When they got back they showed Allysa the rooms of the club. "Here is the last one the sleepover room my fave" said Belle. Allysa saw 6 awesome beds, a side table that had magazines on it,Beany bag chairs,a walk in closet, a book shelfs,cutie vanities,a flat screen Tv,and a side bar kitchen. "Wow" said Allysa. "Ok guys since were done the tour I got a little surprise for you" Mandy said."I asked Mrs.Morgan, so on saturday we can have a sleepover at the school but the security is going to be watching the building while we have it" said Mandy. "Yay a welcome sleepover cant wait" said Belle. "Me too" said Allysa. "Alright a Starz club welcome sleepover on saturday see you there" said Tracy, "Yay" said Tony. Allysa was excited to be invited to her first party in Star school!

Saturday Sleepover

The days past and soon it it was Saturday. Allysa packed her bags. Then someone suddenly urged into her room. "Ummmmmmm Perry I already told you that I would say hi to Tracy for you" Allysa said. "OK dont forget or I will pull pranks on you for the rest of your days" Perry shouted as she slammed Allysas bedroom door. Then Raquelle came into the room "were leaving in five minutes k". "KK" said Allysa as she got her bags. She was sleeping over for the weekend at the Starz Club Hq and she couldnt wait. "Raquelle,can you help me put my bags in the trunk" Allysa said. "Wait one sec lemme start my car" said Raquelle as she got out her car keys. Allysa packed her toothbrush,toothpaste,teddy bear,pajamas, her bunny slippers she got from her birthday,her hair brush,shampoo, her wallet,her side bag,and two outfits. "All set" said Raquelle as she helped her sister put in the bags" said Raquelle. "Wait, you forgot the gift bags" said Raquelle. "Ill go in and get them" said Allysa as she skipped to the door. Raquelle closed the trunk and got into the car. Then,her sister can running out with the gift bags. "Got em" said Allysa, as she got in the car and put them beside her. Perry and Mrs.Jones waved goodbye as Raquelle started to drive her car. Later, Allysa got into the building. "Hey,officer John" said Allysa, "Their at floor 11 Allysa" said officer John. "Thanks" said Allysa as she hopped to the elevator.The elevator doors opened and Allysa hopped out, "hey guys" Allysa said excitedly. The girls were sitting on the beds watching vids on the Starz club laptops. "Oh hey Allysa,come watch this" Belle said as she turned her laptop. "LOL" said Allysa laughing. It was a cat sticking out its tongue talking while playing the piano! "Belle,can I borrow your computer" asked Allysa as she swept her hair to the side. "Sure,but wait what are those bags" asked Belle curiously. "Oh, I almost forgot here guys take one" Allysa said. The girls took one and looked inside the bags, "OMG,wow I L.U.V these gift bags their sooooooo cool" said Mandy. "Me too" said Tracy,Belle,Tony,and Violet said at the same time! There was a pouch of candy,a pouch of chocolate,a mini makeup set that came with mini makeup brushes,a hair brush,a lolli pop, and a puppy keychain. "Ok,here is my computer what do you want to search up" asked Belle. "Oh I just wanted to post a pic on ShareMe" Allysa as she typed on the laptop. Allysa signed in to her ShareMe account and clicked change profile picture then she took her selfie and posted it then the computer said

"posting picture.... Complete". Then Allysas friends looked at her picture. "Nice selfie Allysa" Violet said. "Im soooo bored do you wanna go to the mall" Tonny suggested. "Yeah" the rest of the girls said, "then lets go now" said Allysa as she pointed to the elevator. When the girls got to the main floor they told officer John where they were headed and he called Principle Morgan to send for a limo. "Ok, girls here are your credit cards. Allysa you know your credit card code right" said officer John, Allysa nodded then the limo came. "Be safe girls" said officer John. The girls waved goodbye as they got into their limo. When they got to the mall they split up in partners. "Ok guys lets meet back here in 2 hours" said Mandy. "Ok, bye guys" Allysa said as she and Tracy headed to Style boom. Tony and Mandy headed to Hot Boots, and Violet and Belle headed to Angel Boutique. "Yay were here" said Tracy as she ran in the Style boom. "Yes, Dresses are on sale" said Allysa happily. The girls swapped their way threw clothes tried them on  and gave it a thumbs up and maybe a thumbs down the girls went to the cashier and payed for their things and then they went to the food court to have a poutine and a soda. Then all of a sudden Tracy heard her fave song . "Tracy WAIT" Allysa shouted, but it was to late Tracy was on the table dancing the girl couldnt resist a good tune! Allysa humed the song she loved the melody. It brought her good memories! Allysa couldnt help it she had to join in with Tracy! Allysa jumped on a table and everyone stared at her. Allysa sang along everyone was dancing. Then, suddenly she saw Lonna with her stupid friend Reina. "Ohhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh this is my jam" said Reina as she started dancing. "Uhhhhh huhhhh yeahhhh" said Reina as she swayed her hands like moving seaweed. "Whos singing" Lonna said. "Who cares whos singing said Reina. "Hmmmm this sounds alot like" Lonna stopped and peered over a mans shoulder. "AHHHHHHHHH" Lonna screamed as she stomped to Hot Boots. Reina shrugged and followed her. "Ohhhh shes, what is her name... ohhhhhhh floor brownie" Reina said as she picked up a brownie from the floor. Lonna stared at her in disgust "What" Reina said as she took a bite out of the brownie. "Ohhhhh what-evs lets just go get some cute clothes for Monday to show off" Lonna said as she fliped her luxe hair. After,the girls headed back to Hq. They had shopping bags on their arms and they were extremely tired. Allysa checked her watch it was  5:00 P.M.. "HUH,how is this possible" Allysa said in total confusion. "We better get back for dinner" said Mandy as she hopped into the limo. The rest went in and off they went!

Summertime uhhhhh... Math

Weeks even months past and the students were getting ready for final exams. "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL OHHH YEAHHHH UHHHH HUHHHH" shouted Belle, everyone turned and looked at her she was usually very polite. Belle blushed and hid her face til she came to math class. "TRACY,TRACY" cried a voice, It was Mandy. Tracy turned and looked at her. "Yes! Next week were going to splash town" Mandy shouted in excitment. Tracy smiled as she went to her desk. She wrote a note and passed it to Allysa. Allysa read it and smiled. Allysa passed it to Tony who was filing her nails while reading the exam questions.Tony picked up the note and passed it on to Violet. Then Violet passed it on to Belle. Belle read it and she smiled. Then, Mrs.Berry came in to the math class. "Alright everyone settle down. Today as you know it is the last..." Mrs.Berry was inturupted by cheering students. "EXAM" shouted Mrs.Berry. Everyone hushed down. Here are your sheets and your time starts now she finished. Lonna made a plan for after exams to switch names with Allysa so she can spend the summer at Star School for summer school and she would be going to splash town with the Starz Club. She knew that she belonged there not Allysa. "This will get rid of her splash town summer once and for all" Lonna said evilly. After the exam Lonna said she would volunteer to clean the class. Allysa and her friend felt suspisious. After the bell rang the girls went to the classroom and took their Plum Phones out and started filming."Hehe" laughed Lonna as she switched the names. They turned off their phones and went into the classroom. "What are you doing here" demanded Lonna. "OHHHHH,us were taking the exams to the office now please hand them over" Allysa said. "No" Lonna said she acted like a stubborn rock. "UNLESS YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE HAND IT OVER Mandy demanded. Lonna handed them over and Allysa looked threw the sheets and she didnt see hers or Lonnas. "Ok well hand them in now thanks" Allysa said as she walked out the classroom with her friends. "Hah, that dumb girl didnt even notice" Lonna said as she jetted to the office faster than a cheetah. Allysa and the girls had proof of what happened and was going to show it to the main office."I didnt know she hated me this much" exclaimed Allysa. "I thought she didnt belong in the the Starz club but know I KNOW she doesnt belong" Violet said while getting out her boxing gloves, "I always wanted to try boxing. Hey,why dont i use her as my punching bag, Ill tie her upside down and__" Mandy interputed "UHH Violet your kinda being uhhhhh violent" "Well nevermind lets just get our job done with so we can get going" Violet said. The girls head straight for the office to hand in the exams then,Mrs.Morgan called only Allysa in. Mrs.Morgan started "Hello Ms.Jones, I have some bad news for you. Youll have to come to school every saturday and sunday for summer school you have flunked your Math exam, your current teacher will be your tutor. Ms. Lonna Blue found Many Many mistakes on your exam and..."  Allysa interupted  " Mrs.Morgan I have proof that LONNA has switched our exam grades so she can replace me as the new starz club member" "Lonna is this true" Mrs.Berry said in shock. "UHH,nnnnnnnnnnn..... No I did not and you have no proof I was in there when everyone was out" Lonna stuttered. Oh yeah, LONNA I felt fishy cause you never help and you hate me. Here Mrs.Morgan see for your self" Allysa said as she handed her purple cookie monster cased plum phone to the Principle. Lonna shivered. "In all of my years I havent seen anything like it Lonna... I am calling your mother!" Mrs.Berry exclaimed. "You are going to have summer school and when we get back next year detention for a MONTH". "NOOOOOOO" Lonna said. "Allysa you may be dismissed I must talk to Lonna and her mother, Have a good summer at splash town" Mrs.Morgan finished. "So did you get her back" Belle asked in excitment. Allysa nodded, she felt like victory was in her blood. "We better start packing" Tracy said as she took off her ballet flats and replaced them with sneakers. Lonna could tell summer would be a blast but there would be  some bumby road ahead of them. Allysa knew that she had real friends that would guide her to happiness."Thanks guys,you guys are the best" she said in a soft voice.Then she and her friends continued out of the school and started their star summer...

Thanks for reading my first book of the starz series I hope you enjoyed it be sure to check out my seconed book Star summer. You can also see my books on MyFirstWorld Girlz rock. Here is the Url: there

Note from girlzrockowner:This book does not belong to me. I had to ask and do a whole bunch of things for the author 2005christ (I am not going to say real name) to let me use this book on girlz rock!

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