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"Welcome to Launguage Arts! I´m Miss. Breach! Today, we´re going to have a test! So take out your pencils!"


DIRECTIONS: When you type in the answers, type it in then put a period. Then hit the space bar and tpe in the next answer the same exact way and so on...

EX: Answer: Smile is spelt S-M-I-L-E, not S-M-Y-L-E. The verb is "kick".

Each test will be a little harder than the last.



1) What is the verb in this sentance? The huge red dog jumped over the rock.

2) What is the adjective in this sentance? The cat was really fat!

3) What is wrong with these sentances? My dog jumped over the big rock It was really cool My dog is really fluffy and soft

4) What is wrong with these sentances? My dog´s name is Skittles. She is a very friendly and playful dog. Skittle´s is my best friend. She does not bite, scratch, or jump on top of people. I love Skittles.


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