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Welcome to our feature on an eShop game: Crystal Monsters! IŽll tell you about it.

Crystal Monsters is like Pokémon but there are different monsters such as Kitcon. It was for the DSi Ware shop but now you can get it on the Nintendo eShop.It was made by Gameloft in the U.S.A So in the game you are a boy who has a dream about getting a monster. Then you find your friend being bullied and the bully takes something from him. You find the bully and you find what your friend lost. It was a special stone. Suddenly a monster comes out of it and follows you around. Then another monster comes and attacks you. Your monster faints but you revive it. Then you find out that pure breeds [People who canŽt see monsters] see them. Then you enter a battle tournament and at the final battle a final monster [Legendary monster] comes and attacks. Lots of people get hurt but none die. So now you go on an adventure to defeat the final monsters.

    This is a battle scene.

 This is a part of the story.

 This is the final wind monster.

 So thats all we have. Read our other game descriptions. Bye!

Pokémon, Club Penguin, Lego and videos are on this website. Have fun playing!

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