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Homework Zone News
hey girlz, were you waiting for the HOMEWORK ZONE CLUB !!!! 
well the waiting is totally over! the HOMEWORK ZONE CLUB 
is officially open Hug!!! If you dont know the HOMEWORK 
ZONE CLUB ill fill you in, the HOMEWORK ZONE CLUB is
a program on GIRLZ ROCK that will explain you ur homework. 
all you need to do is ask a question that you dont understand
on the comments and you will get an explaination
by me or angelbunny !!! isnt it great

girlzrockowner <3
June Lottery

hey girlz, the june lottery is here yay Big smile like i said on the quest
page you have to 1 number at a time. If you pick the correct number
youll get 5,000 g cash isnt that great! Its only this month
that im giving the prize of 5,000! Spoiler alert
ok i have to spill, the next few months of 2014
are gonna be 900 g cash 

new chat areas

hey girlz,i found some new chat areas to put on the GIRLZ ROCK !!!!
YAY! Check out the green house,disney daycare,rose garden,
and lastly the cruise ship.You should totally check them out.
Also,some other new things has launched on GIRLZ ROCK
such as the disney store!!!!! Great right!Clap Also I
would like to inform you that it is your last chance to
do the get a animal quiz because im going to 
have to delete it!CryWhy you ask? its because
its kinda sorta oh its taking up the space on the website
because soon in the future im gonna be adding more pages
and i dont want you guys to be scrolling for hours !!!!!
OK,last part congratz to girlzrock who won 1000 g cash
because she is the 50th user on GIRLZ ROCK!!!!!
note to all girlz rock users

hey girlz,im oober srry that i wasnt on editing the site alot 
this month.This is because i had a huge test and a
lot of home work assignments to do over june!
I also am srry if i couldnt answer your complain
mail and asking mail in my inbox!!!! Please bear
with me if you have a problem, because I got a lot
of reports and complaints over the months i have
been gone! Guys,please obey the girlz rock
rules because i really dont like to see mad
or angry users. Please try to get along with each other.

Hey girlz, have you guys seen how many vistors and users we have today! It
seemed like yesterday was February 12 2013.Ok I actually have posted my story
and how i found out about girls rock but now i am going to give you full info on what 
happened. I was lying down on my bed and my dog Hope started randomly sniffing the door.
Hope jumped on me while I was playing Fantage on my Macbook Air. I got bored of always going to Le Shoppe I was staring at the animated character who own Le Shop, Michelle. At that point I was a 7 month Premium Member and I owned pretty much all the clothes in the catalog  for February. Then I went to Stellar Salon and bought some new makeup and wigs. I went to my house and put my new stuff on. I was extremely bored of seeing the same things. The only place I havent been to is Orians Rare stuff or whatever it was lets just get back to the point. I went in and used my rarest gems and poof appeared fairy wings. I groaned because I had similar ones from a previous event for 50 Ecoins. Such a waste of gems. I went on Skype and I happened to see that my best friend was online ( Aka Angelbunny113). Angelbunny was also bored of playing virtual worlds. I came up with this great idea. I was going to make a website without having to pay. Then I came across My First World. I was very excited because it was free and it was the most easiest way to create a virtual world. I came up with Girlz Rock because I thought that girls needed their own place to socialize and be free. I thought my description should be like Chucky Cheeses where a kid can be a kid quote and I decided to put where a girl can be a girl instead. From there on my website was supported by my family and friends and the community continued to grow peaceful and strong. So thanks for reading the story and continue to be just the way you are. GO GIRLZ ROCK!!!!!
 Hey guys! Omg, I have not been on Girlz rock for like 3 or 4 months!!!!! I
am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
glad to be back! But, I got some negative problems with users!
Do i seriously need to do this again! U guys should really know these rules by now,
Geez, Seriously I had to ban like 5 or 6 members forever! Ok reminder,
keep the negatively outside the computer! or school! or home! ANYWHERE! 
Ok there was some players (not gonna say any names or usernames)
being oober stupid! I am really surprised of coming back and seeing
sooooo much negativity! If you guys know what ur doing, DONT
BE A BULLY, CYBERBULLYING IS AGAINST THE LAW! Its not only against Girlz Rock 
rules but also the law! I am not happy with this! You guys know better!!!

What is A.G.R.A.P you ask. It stands for Annual Girlz Rock Anniversary Party! Every year on August 25, we have a party to celebrate Girlz Rock´s start! From, UGH! How do you copy URLs and then, OMG 17K VISITORS ALREADY! 2013-2015 WE ACCOMPLISHED ALOT OVER THESE 2 YEARS! This year I decided to make the party earlier because I sadly have summer school in August T.T. The date of the party will be moved to May 30 2015 at 8:00! There will be fun,G Cash,and prizes to the people with the best Rooms! I´ll explain the contest further and thankyou so much for what Girlz Rock is now!
girlzrockowner <3

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