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Earth bending Shop
Fire bending shop
The Northern water tribe gates
The Northern water tribe neighborhood
The Northern water tribe healing hut
The Northern water tribe look out glacier
Air bending Shop
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Republic City - Rei by sunnilie
republic city app- Ozai by Rikupi
RC::. Meihui by sol-ka
RC: Jian Yu by UmeboshiOnigiri
Republic City NPC - Li Li by eyesandfingers


Republic City app by Yiamme

Republic City: Jin by punkion
Republic City - Tika by xTheOceansDream
Republic City - Rikka by sHelbKip
Republic city_ Rei by Ayako--senpai
RC: Wren Application by Moon-DaZzLe
Ruka by OrangeBubbly
RC: Kota by firstfarewellRC: Teingo by mujiin
Republic City - Shiyun by faithom
RC: Rue revamp by SawakoDandiNekoCX
RC: Nita by firstfarewell
Republic City: Odei Tao by SilvesterVitale
Application - Republic City by QueenJaws
Republic City: CHEN by SakariREN
Republic City: Tianshui by Karasugami
RC: Moki by firstfarewell
Republic City app by fattymuffin
Republic City Application - Yuka by Domichii-chan
Zei Linghuo by LolliDragon
RC App: Theo the Earthbender by xXTsumetai-HeruXx
RCA: Amaya by Tsuki--Sama
RC: Nakuruk by Naslee
Malina by Tsuki--Sama
Akai by IDreamOfBlueSkies
Republic City : Kaliko app (old version) by eyesandfingers
:RC: Tori by Vicky-Pandora
RC app: Kyli Tan by Forever-one-soul
RC: Kono App by Tsukiyoumi

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