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Once upon a time, in Seattle there lived a 10-year-old girl.  She always had very interesting dreams.  One night while she was asleep, it was 11:59, crickets were chirping, owls were hooting.  It was a noisy night.  Then the clock struck 12:00 and “Bong Bong Bong!”  All of a sudden she had a dream.

Sophia was 16 and she had a submarine that she called Sonic.  She always travelled a lot in Sonic and took him everywhere she went.  One day she was out exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Sonic.  The sun had set and she was a little worried as the Coral Sea was getting very dark.  She looked once more and thought she saw a light in the dark sea.  As she got closer to it the more she thought it was a portal.  When she got really close to it all her controls went off.  A chill ran through her Spine.  The portal sucked Sophia and Sonic in.

In a flash she was in a whole different world but not in Sonic. Huh?  She looked back at herself “EEEEEEK!” She had turned into a multi-Neon-colored fish.  She looked around and saw a huge sign to her right.  It read, “Welcome to Fishy Caramel Cove!”  To her left she saw a rack of maps for free.  She picked one up.  She started from the edge of Merry Cove.  It was getting darker and she did not have a home.  She saw everyone’s house was made of seaweed, sea mud, seashells, sea pebbles and some dead corals rom the Great Barrier Reef.   Sophia did the same.  Some people did not wear clothes because they were fish but some bought clothes.  First Sophia needed money.  She made a store called “Cool Umbrellas.”  Fishes need umbrellas for stormy days but all their umbrellas looked boring.  She made cool umbrellas with seaweed and decorating with corals.  Everyone bought two each in case their first one broke.  Sophia collected 300 dollars.  She bought 10 pairs of clothes for 10 dollars each.  She still had $200 left.  She always liked pets and mostly wanted a cat that her mom had never agreed to.  So she bought a catfish with most of her money.  She named her pet Jojo.  Jojo and Sophie wanted to have some fun so she got a couple of movie tickets with the money left to watch the latest Fishy Caramel movie “Macaroni Balls or Paint Balls.”  It had nearly become dark so Jojo and Sophie rushed back to their new home.  They were both really tired, so after talking a few minutes they slept.

Then an alarm woke Sophie up.  It was 8AM and she was still 10 years old.  She was so happy about her dream that she spent the whole day painting a picture of the new world she had just seen.

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