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Welcome to feedback please leave a feedback in this forum if you think this game needs some improvement please include username , email address so I can reply to you personally 

you can also email me at

no spamming or advertisments


reply to drake bell

you can only get your next payment 140mins later cause if you can press it as many times as you want you can get as many $$$ as you want


reply to fareen2078

goto your profile and find the button to add level (note: you have to get enough money)



super confused Dragon Girl!that is my namesotalk2m
Posted 263 Days ago By Dragon Girl
Posted 317 Days ago By luise
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Posted 414 Days ago By oriki
Posted 419 Days ago By Fuck ing
how do i get a pet?
Posted 516 Days ago By DamianVoth
This is asking how to get a pet!
Posted 553 Days ago By Alerts.Dinh
Posted 578 Days ago By 1010
Posted 590 Days ago By 1010
this note is about how boring this is
Posted 592 Days ago By snowyclaw
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Posted 672 Days ago By Navya sajin
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Replied Posted 590 Days ago By 1010
From Vietnam
Posted 709 Days ago By Ngoc Nguyen Bao
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Posted 709 Days ago By Ngoc Nguyen Bao
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Posted 710 Days ago By candy2007
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Posted 727 Days ago By Vane1139
IM new
Posted 731 Days ago By CuteBella
Posted 753 Days ago By Devin nason
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Posted 781 Days ago By Jackcena
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Posted 834 Days ago By brianna and cristian n=love
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Posted 839 Days ago By coolkid691051

Hi welcome to Net Kritterz



welcome again to Net Kritterz ( i think i am going to say this 365 times)


news update

Net kritterz NEW BANK

Forge Bank


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