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Welcome to the Membership shop! Here you can buy Golden Girl Membership!

This will allow users to go to places that are only for Golden Girls!

When you buy one, please tell me, Fantage Rox, what membership you bought, and I will change you to the level associated with the price of it.

Example: 1 Month Golden Girl costs 100 eGolds, so you will be changed to level 100 if you buy it.

When you get your level changed, apply for the Golden Girl job matching the type of membership you bought.

Example: If you bought 1 Month Golden Girl, and your level changed to 100, then you will have to go apply for the job called "Golden Girl: 1 Month."

12 Months Golden Girl - Price: 1000 eGolds
Buy Now !

6 Months Golden Girl - Price: 500 eGolds
Buy Now !

1 Month Golden Girl - Price: 100 eGolds
Buy Now !

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