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   Niki Maxwell-

is an unpopular girl who first begins to attend Westchester Country Day in the events of the first book. She becomes best friends with Chloe and Zoey. In the beginning of her 8th grade school year, she transfers to Westchester Country Day on a scholarship because her father works for her school as an exterminator. When Nikki heard that she was receiving a "new school year" present from her mother, she believed it to be an iPhone. However, it turned out to be a diary. Initially, she was disappointed with the gift, but she began to warm up to it over time and started to write in it each day. After she started to write in the book daily, her life got more exciting as she recounts what happens each day. 

MacKenzie Hollister-

  is the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day Middle School and the leader of the CCP (Cute, Cool & Popular) clique. She is Nikki´s enemy and always attempts to try to ruin her life. She is mean, sinster, and vile. Nikki calls her "a rattlesnake in pink pumping lip gloss and ankle boots" along with various other insults, but only in her diary. She is also sisters with Amanda Hollister.

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