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welcome to Dragon Bank Forum


today i will like to talk about the benafits of Dragon Bank

-60% more interest (per day )

more than Royal Net Bank by 10%


-24hour approachable service

-helpline and breakdown/lost of kash service


So Join Dragon Bank TODAY


how to join

goto Avatar change your avatar to the latest Dragon Bank Avatar

then goto shop and buy Dragon Bank Badge(not the membership)


how to work in Dragon Bank

goto Jobs

find Dragon Bank Jobs


-level 5

-goto shop buy the dragon bank membership badge

for 20 kash

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new user hello
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whats up guys & girls
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Pumpkin pach
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Become a hero! A free virtual world site!
Posted 170 Days ago By Rovick

Hi welcome to Net Kritterz



welcome again to Net Kritterz ( i think i am going to say this 365 times)


news update

Net kritterz NEW BANK

Forge Bank

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