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Ghost Girl

Once, there was a Girl named Sophie and she was only an 8 years old  little girl. She has the most strangest illness in her whole family and she always felt strange when it´s in the middle of the night. Her bigger brother named Kyle had known everything about Sophie. So, here´s what happened:

Kyle was just sitting down in the living room and he can go to sleep if Sophie is sleeping. Why? Sophie gets scared all the time when she slept by her self in her own bedroom. But then, Kyle heard an eerie noise from Sophie´s bedroom and Kyle checked it out but the whole house had a power cut. Kyle bought his flash light to check on Sophie´s bedroom and he saw a Girl near Sophie´s wardrobe in dark formation wearing a white cloth and a long hair. Kyle got worried that Sophie is in trouble so, he ran away from the bedroom´s door but the ghost girl was behind him and Kyle closed his eyes and the lights turned on again and the ghost girl was gone. Kyle checked on Sophie´s bedroom again and he saw that Sophie was sleeping already in her bed. Kyle went into his bedroom to sleep and then, he saw someone in his bedroom´s door standing like a statue. Kyle hold his flash light and he zoomed the light into the person´s formation and it was a ghost girl! "Sophie!" yelled Kyle but Sophie was no where in her bedroom. Instead of calling Sophie, Kyle called his older sister, "Amy!" and Amy was shocked to hear Kyle calling her and she went into Kyle´s bedroom and Amy saw a ghost in his bedroom´s door."Back off, ghost girl! Stop trying to hurt my brother!" yelled Amy but the ghost girl was walking towards Amy and now, Amy was starting to get scared.

"Amy! Just...RUN!" yelled Kyle as Amy ran away and she ran into the dinning room and she was super scared that she doesn´t want to go to sleep while she is in a scared formation though. The ghost girl was actually no where to be seen. Amy was safe and she came out of the dinning table and she ran away to get Mom and Dad and she told EVERYTHING!

"Mom, Dad! I saw a Ghost girl in Kyle´s bedroom and that pest chased me into the dinning and I can´t get enough sleep because of that ghost and I get scared and then, then..." said Amy and she started to take more breath.

"Sweety, are you sure that you have seen a ghost in Kyle´s bedroom? I heard that you were just playing with Kyle in the middle of the night." said Mom and she started not to believe Amy and Amy was actually a little bit of mad because her Mom doesn´t believe what she have seen.

"Mom, I am not joking! I am really seeing it in my own eyes! Just, ugh! Just sleep with Kyle later night and I will show you some proof! So, I am telling the truth Mom. I am really sure. Just sleep with Kyle." said Amy and she started to get breakfast just in 5:00 am at the morning? =)

The next night, Kyle was holding his Mom´s hands so that he wouldn´t get scared of the ghost and Mom wanted to say goodnight to Sophie. "Sophie, are you sure that you wanted to sleep by your self?" asked Mom.

"Yes, Mom!" replied Sophie and she gone to sleep and Mom turned the lights off and went into Kyle´s bedroom to get some rest. "Kyle, are you sure there is a..." said Mom and she saw someone standing just like how Sophie is and she tried to wake Kyle. "Kyle, Kyle! Wake up! I saw a Ghost!" said Mom and Kyle woke up and he saw the ghost and he ran away into the Kitchen.

"OMG! I can´t believe that I saw the ghost again. Is that really Sophie, Mom?" asked Kyle as Mom started to become worried.

"I don´t think it is Sophie though. Wait, could it even be? I think it is Sophie!" answered Mom and Mom tried to stop Sophie from haunting her own family. The ghost girl wasn´t listening and she started to jump out of the window and went into the town. What would happen next?

To be continued...

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