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A Half A Story By Me!!!

Easier Said Than Done


ďTaylor! Get your butt down here!Ē that was mum ranting. She wanted me to go to my best friend Alexís birthday which was on the same day as mine. Obviously I wanted to go but not in the hideous, frilly dress my mum made for me.

In the end my big sister Stephanie had to haul me down the stairs, me yelling my head off. My mum had to do an important sewing job to do which was just as well since I was wearing trainers with my dress. I left Alexís presents by the door earlier that day; it was a skateboard and matching helmet. I grabbed them and stepped out of our apartment door.

Most of the time I just dawdled along but then I remembered how my reputation would be ruined if I turned up at the party in the dress so I took a huge risk. I cleanly ripped a frill off then another. Soon it was a plain old purple dress.

When I got near the bottom floor I started running because cranky Mrs. Jenkins lived on the bottom floor. She was always calling us kids hooligans and trying to get rid of us by calling the landlord. I couldnít deal with her wrath that day.

As soon as I got out of the apartment I started running which was hard since the dress was so long. Luckily Alexís house was only a 2minute walk away he lived in RoseGreens which was the poshest estate ever! His house was 3 storeys tall, luxurious and roomy. He was so lucky-he was even an only child. I wouldíve given anything to be an only child because I had a sassy big sister, a goth brother, a show-offy little sis and an annoying little brother. They drove me bonkers!

When I got to his house I attempted to press the bell it was hard to press with Alexís skateboard under one arm and my ugly black swimming suit under the other.

Eventually I rang the bell and Alex came rushing to let me in. He was shirtless wearing orange beach shorts, stripy blue flip flops, a spotty sunhat and he was holding a fruit smoothie. ďHereís your gift Alex!Ē I said beaming. He pointed the way to the changing rooms so I could change into my swimsuit.

When I was in my swimming suit I felt really embarrassed. All the girls were wearing super cute bikinis and looking fashionable something I definitely wasnít. I was making my way through a pepperoni pizza when Alex came up to me holding a beautifully wrapped present.

It was a pair of knee-high purple Converse. There was a lovely purple leather jacket in the box with a star necklace, bracelet and earring set. ďOh Alex!Ē I said squeezing him tight.


Me and Taylor rushed off to the pool. It was so wet and slippery by the pool, Taylor even fell! We got on a huge float and sat on it drinking our smoothies just like they do in the movies. My party was ok but I wouldíve preferred a small get-together with Taylor, my mum and my dad. Every year my mum threw a big bash to help me forget about my director dad in California.

At the end of the party Taylor invited me over to her house for her birthday tea. We carried her present up to her house. She was SO lucky to have brothers and sisters, I was all alone. Taylor lost her keys, trust her so we had to knock. When we got in Taylor dashed up to her room and wore her new clothes and of course her purple Converse.

ďHow do I lookĒ asked Taylor ďI donít think it looks good on you...It looks great!!!Ē We ran into the kitchen, Taylorís mum had to make tea. She was a great cook she even made this awesome cake for Taylor and us to eat which filled us ALL up.

When we were done we watched TV, I know this is going to sound snooty but Taylorís living-room was small and scruffy it didnít even have a decent couch only like 8 wooden chairs and the pale cream walls were dirty.

I got bored of watching TV so I suggested we played a game. Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of being best friends with a girl is that when you say game they think you mean flicking through fashion magazines and arguing over whose the cutest boy. Thatís exactly what Taylor thought and I was a bit surprised because Taylor was a tom-boy but I soon found out her master plan.

When I fell asleep because I was THAT bored Taylor snuck into Stephanieís room and stole mascara, blusher and lipstick. She even found an old princess tiara. Once she put them on me she woke me up. At 6oíclock I had to go home still Taylor didnít tell me about the makeover so when I was walking home people were staring, I didnít know why so I just ignored them but I got home I found out and freaked!


Soon it was Sunday morning and I was walking to the kitchen desperate for a cup of water. Stephanie was awake too ready for her job at Claireís. Everyone in my familyís hair was blonde so to make herself unique Stephanie dyed her hair red! Mum didnít get angry because in her stupid parenting book it said you should let your children be creative.

An official looking letter was posted through the door a few minutes after Stephanie had left. It had ďPrivate and ConfidentialĒ written on it.ĒMum look!Ē I called, no answer she was probably still asleep. I looked at the letter and I felt the urge to open it and I did.

Dear Householder Owner,

You have a month to pay the £1700 you owe. Otherwise you will be evicted from this apartment and will have to find new housing arrangements

Signed Mr Holan`

That was terrible I was going to move! I ran up to my mumís room. ďMum! Mum! Open the door!Ē I shrieked banging the door with both hands frantically. Mum was on the phone signalling me to be quiet by putting her finger to her lip. ďYeah Aunt Penelope Tayloríll be living with you in a month. Bye!Ē she said. Aunt Penelope was evil, I lived with her when I was little and it was a nightmare she was cranky and old. She didnít even like kids instead she had millions of cats.

ďOh mum, I canít live with her she makes The Wicked Witch of The West look like Peppa Pig! Mum look at the letter, if earn £1700 by the end of the month can we stay?!Ē I said while mum read the letter, she nodded slowly it was obvious she didnít think I would but I was a very determined so I knew I could do it!


On Monday Taylor told me all about her moving and I promised to help her earn money to make sure she stayed in England and not wherever her Aunt Penelope lived I just needed an idea.

Taylor and I were walking up to our new classroom at Wesley Primary when Chloe came up with her gang of Barbie dolls(ha!). They stuck identical sequins to their uniform. Talk about divas! Chloe was always super mean to Taylor and I..I..I hated her! She started picking on Taylor there and then. ďWhy donít you ever wash your hair it looks awful!Ē My temper started heating up ďWell why donít you just run off to the pound store and get a life!Ē I shot back of them.

We got the shock of our lives when we saw Mrs. Maxwell was our teacher! She was the cruellest, most evil teacher in the history of the world. She made Joseph Kony look like Dora the Explorer. As soon as we got into the classroom she made us work on long division sums for hours and she didnít even say hello!

The day pretty much went downhill from there I had to stay in for break for having temper tantrums. Oh I donít like the word tantrum what about attack? I had temper attacks.

After break I had another temper attack so I got a rainbow card. You might be thinking oh Alex is fine rainbow is good. Well wrong! That meant I had to start class with Mrs. Love after school. Mrs. Love was the anger management teacher and everyone knew she thought people with problems. It would be terrible if my mum let me go to the classes.

I was in a bad mood all day barely paying attention, Taylor was right beside me passing notes to ask me if I was ok but I didnít bother to answer. We had piles of homework at the end of the day so at least I wasnít the only one in a bad mood.

I streaked ahead of Taylor when we were walking home and prayed to god that when I gave my mum the slip that she would say no.

That was my story tell me what you think of it:)

Posted 2102 Days ago By JamieBuider
Posted 2121 Days ago By SiteofArt
I love it!
Posted 2126 Days ago By TolliAnne

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