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Welcome to the Demigod Arena! 

Due to the request of "awesome guy" it has come to my attention that a demigod website needs some sort of fighting whether it be between monsters or fellow demigods. In the demigod arena you can challenge and "fight" other players. In the monster Arena you can fight "monsters". Before you can fight several things have to come into consideration. Your abilities in battle are determined by your level. You can buy weapons in the Armory. Certain weapons have dominance over other weapons. There are 10 levels to every weapon. Your weapons level is based on your overall level. I will keep track of all your stats and save them in your profile. You may have noticed them all ready. To level-up you can either pay 100 drachmas or perform a deed. When you do something a see worthy as a deed i will increase your level. When you achieve level 10 of all the possible weapons in the armory, you will receive 1000 drachmas. You get 20 drachmas for a win 10 for a draw and 5 for a lose. To get your drachmas send me a message if i do not add them within 24 hours. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. You can not play Ambrosia, Nectar, or greek fire in the Arena, these will cost automatic lose.

Weapons from most to least:

Electric spear
Dragon tooth spear
Celestial Bronze Knife

Defenses: shields can be used to defend attacks these can only be used in multiple attack games. you must decide how many attacks will be performed before the duel. it must be an odd number. as long as the shield is capable of repelling the weapon of the other player that round results in a draw.

Wristwatch shield- repels all weapons
Aegis- repels electric spear, dragon tooth spear, javelin, and celestial bronze knife
video shield- repels javelin and celestial bronze knife

-No Title-
Posted 12 Days ago By ApolloChild
Posted 52 Days ago By Lena Emily Whiteswan
how do i join my cabin?
Posted 69 Days ago By daughter of eirene
How do you join a cabin??
Posted 100 Days ago By Riley
-No Title-
Posted 107 Days ago By Renaissance
what am i doing here
Posted 135 Days ago By popcornisawsome
Posted 152 Days ago By
Son of Dionysus
Posted 165 Days ago By DracoR
Daughter of Posiedon
Posted 167 Days ago By Scarlett0105
is a son of hades
Posted 189 Days ago By epicpjfan
-No Title-
Posted 216 Days ago By nobody-chase
-No Title-
Posted 216 Days ago By nobody-chase
-No Title-
Posted 255 Days ago By magyk1583
dont know if we actually fight
Posted 270 Days ago By AnnabethMagnus
-No Title-
Replied Posted 200 Days ago By Amichizzl
Son of Posiedon
Posted 279 Days ago By redblue1066
Daughter of Athena
Posted 281 Days ago By Pannabeth jase
Daughter of Athena
Posted 281 Days ago By Pannabeth jase
-No Title-
Posted 292 Days ago By Baileydufrene
daughter of hades
Posted 292 Days ago By lolo0430

Welcome Halfblood,

Have fun in the virtual world! Read News about everything Percy Jackson.  Visit fun Percy Jackson Links. Take a quiz to discover your godly Parent.

From Rori Rowl, Daughter of Athena


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