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Welcome to the lost city book. Here you can read every chapter of this book I wrote. For Every Chapter you read you will be given 50 Funky Bucks. Message me when you have read a chapter. But please don’t lie. If I find out that you are lying, I will take off 1000 Funky Bucks off of your account. If you know someone is lying please message me about it. It is a Fiction book which is non real. I just made it!



This may scare little kids reading it. This is a 9+ book only.


Please enjoy it!



                       Chapter 1,

                The Story


Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Victoria. She had a best friend called Quinn. One evening Victoria decided to ring up Quinn. “Hey Quinn.” Said Victoria. “Hey Victoria” replied Quinn. “Did you hear about the lost city” Said Quinn? “No, I didn’t.” Replied Victoria. “I will tell you about it. Once there was a city called Torpi. And in that city there was a well. And one day a little boy named tom threw a coin into the well and said I wish this city was bigger. But the well was fake. There was a man sitting down in the well listening to all the wishes and the boy noticed him. And the boy asked him what he was doing there. And the man said back to him, I must not reveal myself. That night the boy was thinking about the man and the well. The next morning the boy went to the well and lowered himself into the well with a rope” Quinn went on. “What’s going to happen next” Asked Victoria. “Let me finish.” Replied Quinn. “Once tom got down to the bottom of the well the man was gone. Tom saw a tunnel. Tom slowly climbed through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was a wall that had patterns on it. Tom carefully looked through the patterns and realised that the city was no longer safe. Tom read all the books he could find about it and kept researching things. The next morning tom came out off the tunnel to a dark valley. The valley wasn’t the town. The town was gone.” Finished Quinn. “Why was it on the news?” Asked Victoria. “Because people are trying to find the city. People are searching all over the world for it. But no one can find it.” Replied Quinn. “This is really hard to say, but we should go find it’’ Said Victoria.


Chapter 2

Dark Cave

“Ok. We will.” Replied Quinn. That night Quinn and Victoria set off will with 2 stretchers, 2 blankets, 4 pillows, A tent, Food, Drink, Cushions, A lamp, A torch and all of that stuff they need to camp. On the way Victoria heard a noise. It was a rustling noise. It was coming from ahead. Suddenly 2 bright green eyes poked out and they hear a roar. “Run!!!” Scream Quinn. Victoria and Quinn ran and ran until they were far away. They had lost their tracks so they just decided to put up the tent and gather up some sticks and try to find some wire to set up a fence. They set up a camp fire to cook the food and to keep warm. They had decided to sleep there for the night. At midnight Quinn saw a big shadows hovering over the tent. She saw that Victoria was gone. The tent door unzipped. “Don’t worry, it was just me setting up a trap so that nothing can harm us.” Said Victoria. “Good.” Replied Quinn. Let’s go explore.” Said Victoria. “Ok.” said Quinn. “Go get the torch.” Said Victoria. “Ok.” Said Quinn. And they set off out into the forest. They came to a wall that had a big stone door in the middle of it. They went inside. It was pitched black inside there so they turned on the torch. Victoria saw a small hovering light in the distance. They went deeper into the cave. Suddenly they heard a crash. Victoria and Quinn started sprinting to the light. They finally got to the light. The light lit up a code. They needed to crack the code to continue going. And they couldn’t turn back because a wall with no door had closed them in. Quinn was the expert so she tried to figure it out. It was a letter-number code and those were the easiest to crack. How you crack them was the number 1 would be the letter a. It would go to the end of the alphabet. The code was: beware of sounds. They might be bad. Or worse than bad. Once they had cracked the code the wall fell down making a hole that they could go through. After about 15 minutes they came to a wall and 2 paths leading to somewhere different. They knew that one of the paths was dangerous and would get them stuck there forever. So they picked out who would be the best to go the way they thought was dangerous and that was Quinn because her dad used to do things like this with her. So Quinn went way 1 and Victoria went way 2. After 15 minutes it was very lucky that they had their phones with them in their back packs that they took because they both came to a dead end and the wall had closed up behind them. Quinn rang up Victoria. “I’m at a dead end” said Quinn. “So am I” replied Quinn. They were both stuck. Suddenly they both heard a roar of the thunder and a crash of lighting. The felt the heavy rain splatter on the roof. Quinn pulled out the emergency radio that she had in her backpack. The radio said that there was going to be a category 4 hurricane. That type of hurricane could blow off any roof of any kind. Luckily the roof that they had over them was stone. A stone roof is harder to break in wind. Quinn and Victoria both huddled in a corner waiting for the storm to end. Quinn thought about what would happen to our tent and food. They didn’t know how they were going to find food


                     Chapter 3:

                 The Storm


The storm didn’t end for another 15 minutes. By the time the storm was done the wall and roof of the cave had weakened so Quinn decided to try and get herself out. She ran back and ran forward as fast as she could to get herself out. The wall smashed open. All Quinn could see were trees lying on the ground all broken. She knew she had to save Victoria. But How?



                Chapter 4

                Saving Victoria


Quinn got her emergency hammer out of her bag. Victoria didn’t have an emergency hammer in her bag because they thought they would only need 1. Quinn went around to the other side of the Dark Cave. Once she had found Victoria’s side of the Cave, Quinn called out and said “I’m hammering out your wall to save you.” “Ok” replied Victoria. Quinn started hammering out Victoria’s wall. Soon the wall was all gone. “We better get back” said Quinn. They dodged their way through the fallen trees all the way back to where there tent had been. Everything of theirs was gone. Victoria saw a glimmering light in the distance up ahead. So they headed that way.


Chapter 5

The Lost City


As they headed to the glimmering light it got bigger. Once the light was huge Quinn saw a sign that said ‘Torpi’. It was the Lost City. They couldn’t believe it. They rushed back to Victoria’s house and then phoned the news station. “We found the Lost City” Said Quinn with excitement. “Ok. Since you found the Lost City, we need to publish a book that you write about it and if it sells lots of copies and if lots of people read it then you will make lots of money!” said the news station. “It turned out good” said Quinn. “Yep” said Victoria.


The End!



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