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Welcome to the fanfiction forum! This is where you can share your stories from the Mythological world with other fans. A fanfiction is sort of like the Heroes of Olympus series. You make your own character(s) and put them in Rick Riordans world with your own story. You could also use the same characters as Riordan but write your own story with them. I love to read and write and I think they are a fun thing to write about. They are great practice for future writers as well. To share your fanfiction, type it in a comment. You have to be registered first to post. I will be reading them and once a month I will award 1st place to a writer and a special mention award. These awards will be posted in the News area.

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Posted 100 Days ago By Riley
Posted 141 Days ago By Margi100
Posted 141 Days ago By Margi100
I am a Hepheastus kid !!!!!!
Posted 177 Days ago By Wyatt Urton
Poseidon Rules
Posted 200 Days ago By 25brocad
Athena Cabin
Posted 257 Days ago By ccddc
Poseidon and name
Posted 257 Days ago By NanoPebbles
I got Poseidon! Not kidding pinky promise <3
Posted 257 Days ago By NanoPebbles
Posted 303 Days ago By Jaxen
I need a job
Replied Posted 295 Days ago By Yashash
Posted 315 Days ago By SophieGrace
Replied Posted 315 Days ago By SophieGrace
hi guys
Posted 316 Days ago By pokegirl11
Posted 317 Days ago By PJfan123
Hi everyone!
Posted 324 Days ago By TZ6092394
hades cabin
Posted 326 Days ago By awesome123
Posted 327 Days ago By Leoiscute
title of new story
Posted 331 Days ago By creepypasta
my parent
Posted 331 Days ago By creepypasta
Poseidon cabin
Posted 333 Days ago By Percy gorny
My Fanfic
Posted 348 Days ago By praetor.avila

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