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Welcome to the fanfiction forum! This is where you can share your stories from the Mythological world with other fans. A fanfiction is sort of like the Heroes of Olympus series. You make your own character(s) and put them in Rick Riordans world with your own story. You could also use the same characters as Riordan but write your own story with them. I love to read and write and I think they are a fun thing to write about. They are great practice for future writers as well. To share your fanfiction, type it in a comment. You have to be registered first to post. I will be reading them and once a month I will award 1st place to a writer and a special mention award. These awards will be posted in the News area.

Have fun, 


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Posted 8 Days ago By RamDanny
sry but where exactly is guestbook????????????????
Posted 13 Days ago By Nikki
Hades Cabin
Posted 21 Days ago By cgg_18
Posted 63 Days ago By Yeol
Clovis son of Hephaestus
Posted 69 Days ago By Wasus
Posted 75 Days ago By percyjacksonlover09
APPOLO!!!!!! yay YAY yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 77 Days ago By Starling
Orcus son of MARS (ARES if you prefer)
Posted 78 Days ago By Orcus
percy gotta go
Posted 84 Days ago By percy gotta go
-No Title-
Posted 86 Days ago By CrankyObject
HOw do you fight in the arena
Posted 108 Days ago By Daughter_Of_Zues
-No Title-
Posted 125 Days ago By Apollo-2-7
-No Title-
Posted 145 Days ago By marki
Percabeth Vs Jasper
Posted 151 Days ago By PercyJackson1
-No Title-
Posted 158 Days ago By Ocean child
-No Title-
Posted 210 Days ago By Ultrablade9
How do you fight in the arena?????😡㈸
Posted 211 Days ago By Annabeth Chase
Guest book
Posted 211 Days ago By Annabeth Chase
-No Title-
Replied Posted 198 Days ago By Lilian Wright
Guestbook and how to add on the Fanfiction
Posted 229 Days ago By PercyJackson1

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