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Get out a piece of paper and pen and try these quizzes! PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT BY LOOKING AT THE QUIZ RESULTS PAGE FIRST. Do not just make up your parent or change your parent because you do not like your results. Just be honest when you write me in the Guestbook, send me a private message or comment on my page.- rorirowl101

Who is your Godly Parent:

Part I:

1) What wood you rather do for fun?

A) jump out of an airplane

B) go scuba diving

C) work in the garden

D) gossip about who likes who in school

2. Whats your favorite color?

A) blood red

B) the color of money!

C) purple

D) black, black and black

3. What would you rather have for your birthday?

A) an electric guitar

B) a tool set

C) a library full of books

Visit Part I results page before continuing to Part II.


THE DECIDER- Read the following statements and decide which best describes you. Rate them from 1 to 12, with 1 being the most like you and 12 being the least like you. Whichever god scores highest of the three you were linked to in Part I is your parent

1) The undersea world fascinates me and holds the key to life on the this planet. Do not try to cross me, or you will regret it.

2) I believe that reading is one of lifes great pleasures, as well as debating with the finest minds of the moment. Weaving is the perfect way to unwind after a hard days work

3) I do not take anything from anyone. You want to try something, punk? You will be sorry.

4) I am incredibly creative. I love music and writing and my fondest wish is to shine!

5)  I like to be in charge and tell people what to do.

6) I want to get ahead in the world. I plan to make a huge amount of money in the business world, I love to travel.

7) I am very practical and inventive. With my toolbox I can fix anything and make it good as new.

8) I turn head wherever I go and spend whole weekends exchanging make-up tips with my girlfriends.

9) Once an party animal, always a party animal - That is me. And i have never been known to walk past a gaming arcade.

10) I am a homebody, but hen I do go out, I like to work invisibly and under the cover of darkness.

11) I have a green thumb and can grow plants anywhere. There is nothing as pleasurable as the feeling of good earth in your hands or as satisfying as providing food for the table.

Visit Part II key page for answers.

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Welcome Halfblood,

Have fun in the virtual world! Read News about everything Percy Jackson.  Visit fun Percy Jackson Links. Take a quiz to discover your godly Parent.

From Rori Rowl, Daughter of Athena

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